By - August 02, 2013 - 09:31 AM IST

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We have Comedy films…

We have Horror films…

But how often do we see ‘Horror comedies’ and that too in Telugu?

And in the first place, a ‘Horror-Comedy’ is film having both Horror and Comedy or simply a ‘Scary Movie type’ [Just for identification].

And Starlet Sudheer Babu [SMS fame, brother-in-law of Mahesh Babu]-pro director Maruthi duo has stepped ahead and made a ‘Romantic Horror Comedy’ taking the Telugu audience by surprise. If you consult our so called trade pundits, they might definitely put their thumbs down [their signature gesture!] but the makers have played it on off-chance with ten-on-ten confidence on the script.

Prema Katha Chitram [PKC] is a film that amuses you with its rustic, burlesque comedy with chills of a meaty horror studded here and there with a sardonic take on the choices and hasty decisions of contemporary youth. It is a director’s film and Maruthi with his director S. Prabhakar Reddy has crafted this off-beat experiment into a sure-shot feast to the common cine-goer. Stepping apart from his very own style of adulterated comedy, Maruthi dishes in a good love story, a well garnished screenplay with some remarkable performances by Sudheer, Nanditha, Giri et al.  

“But frankly, we did not expect so much response for the movie and the audience will laugh so much. If I had guessed it, I may have increased the doses of comedy. For some reasons, I did not prefer my name to be named the director but though Prabhakar [Director of PKC] did a fair job, I take pride in sharing the credit of this success as the creator of this line”, says elated Maruthi. Yes of course, unexpected victories are thrilling and cherishing.

The film is claimed to be a genuine success and its 50 days run only vindicates the fact. If Maruthi has to be appreciated for coming up with such an innovative story line, Sudheer deserves a special tap here for choosing this subject as his second film in spite of knowing the fact that the film is only about the heroine [Nanditha].  Above all, we salute to the Telugu audiences who have encouraged an experiment. Because, the more you welcome attempts like these, the more innovative the makers get.

Or else, it would be the same merry-go-round blaming business and we end up producing nothing except some lame debate shows on the TV about Telugu cinema!