Releasing today.. A film which was made 40 years ago

By - August 02, 2013 - 05:32 PM IST

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A tribute to their father..and a gift to their mother! The new film is going to  be released today! But do you know when the film was made? It was forty years ago! There is a popular hero’s dream behind this film..and his sons effort in making the dream true. The film is none other than “Love in Bombay!”.

If we want to watch the yesteryear Hero films which were released decades ago, what would we do? We get the movie’s CD and watch at home. But those actors cannot be seen in the new releases. One such unique film which gives such experience is Love in Bombay. If one goes to watch this film, they can watch the yesteryear legends such as Joy Mukherjee, Waheda Rahman, Kishore Kumar and Ashok Kumar in a never-before-seen acting avatar! But why did this film couldn’t be released even after finishing forty years ago? In order to know the answer, we need to know what exactly happened then.

Joy Mukherjee may not be known to the current generation but forty years ago he was the most handsome Hero, producer as well as a director. He amazed the younger audience of that age with films like Love in Shimla, Phir Who Dil Layaa Hoon, Ziddi, Love in Tokyo, Shagird. Forty years ago he made a film in which he invested his valuable property and all money. He was the lead actor in it too.  Waheeda Rahman was the female lead in it. But to release the film, he did not have sufficient money. During this financial crisis, his children were quite young. Without fulfilling his dream of releasing this film, he unfortunately left this world last year.  Knowing their father’s dream, his children made an effort of finding out where the unreleased print is lying and digitized it with current technological advancements. They are releasing it finally today! They are giving this film as a tribute to their father and a valuable gift to their mother- and this determination made them work hard for making it into reality!

The film was made on a budget of 35-40 Lakhs during then. If the same film were made now, it would have easily cost upto 300 crores. The unreleased print was lying idle in cold storage all the while. Joy Mukherjee did not tell about this fact even to his wife. But in hope of releasing it someday, he used to visit the cold storage and look at the negatives every year. The couple had two sons and a daughter then. Daughter Simran was four years old and their sons Mono Joy was two years old and Sujay was one year old.  After the sons grew up they understood their father’s dream and suggested that the film should be released on TV but Joy Mukherjee did not oblige. His dream was to release the film on big screen.

Joy Mukherjee’s sons understood the value of their father’s dream and decided to make it a theatrical release. His son Monojoy Mukherjee says, “I love my dad a lot. Whenever I used to come home late, he used to wait for me without having his dinner. I did all this for his unfulfilled dream. Not knowing the whereabouts of the film’s negative, I have been trying to find out since a year. Suddenly , I saw a Cold storage bill at my house and I went immediately to get it. I could manage to get the negative print but in order to release it with current technology, it had to be modified. In fact, the film’s print was already damaged by 40%. After lot of hindrances and efforts, we made it ready for release on August 2nd.

What is the story of the film?

A proud girl (Waheeda Rahman) meets a youngster (Joy Mukherjee) in a ship and the story is about how the youngster gets her fall in his love.  Most of the first half of the film is based on ship. But the ship gets trapped in a storm. The youngster makes sure that all the people in the ship are safely reached to an island nearby. The film is based on courage as well as great love story.