Captains need a Success

By - August 03, 2013 - 05:26 PM IST

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Everybody cannot be a thunderstorm like Dhoni. Even if Dhoni doesn’t score a century, India can win the match. If he misses out crucial catches, or doesn’t do his wicket keeping job admirably, or not thinking sharply about the match strategy- still India can win a match or a tournament. But when it comes to Film-Making, the captain of the film should be at a jet speed all the time! The main reason for it is because the success of the film solely depends on the director- that is the captain of the film’s team.  Usually we hear contrasting comments such as the “Film is good but the songs are bad” or “fights are good but the film was bad”. But do we hear at any moment that the film is good even if the direction wasn’t up to the mark? That it means that if the director makes the film well- the film will be a sure shot hit. Otherwise it is a flop. Such is the valuable power of the director!

In Film Making terminology, the director is regarded as the captain of the film and the film emerges out first from his/her thought.  If a captain who has to take care of 23 departments of film making lose their confidence due to series of flops- then how can it be of help? Currently, many such directors are in the same state in look out for success. They are in desperate need of a hit. In order to prove that they are competent enough to face the new age directors and fresh thoughts, and they are still good in their directional talent, it is necessary that they need to score a hit at the Box Office.  Some of the directors who are in that desperate wait in Telugu Cinema now are..

Krishha Vamshi earned a good name as a creative director in Tollywood. It is unbelievable to know that it was the same director who made a serious subject film such as Sindhooram and a romantic love story Ninne Pelladatha with equal brilliance.  That is Krishna Vamshi! He is one such unique director who could create the festive atmosphere in his films so perfectly and believably. Love for the country and the family oriented subjects are two crucial subjects he loves to take films on. He had brilliant commercial successes with films like Khadgam, Samudram, Chakram and Rakhi.  That shows Krishna Vamshi’s talent in being successful both as a director with taste along with good commercial value.  Though Art doesn’t need Money, film industry is in need of it.  It is even said that one can become a great director only when he/she can make a film which is financially stable and achieves success.  In that sense, Telugu Film Industry is waiting for such hit from Krishna Vamshi right now. There were disastrous films such as Sasirekha Parinayam and Mogudu from the same director in recent times. Such flops have to get a full stop from the director. He needs to make a film which generates “Paisa”- which means commercially viable. That is why he has been busy with his upcoming film
'Paisa' starring Nani and Catherine in the lead.

Teja is one director who changed the path and the momentum of Small Budget Cinema in Telugu. He was the one who started the trend of making films with new faces and a minimal budget. Teja can be called as a trendsetter in this regard. He became one of the top directors in Telugu Cinema with hits like Nuvvu Nenu and Jayam. Right from then, Teja could not see success. Getting more determined from then, he continued to make films in his own style hoping for a breakthrough again. Even his recent film Neeku Naaku left a bitter experience to the audience. Despite having flops, he remained to be a director who gives break to new actors consistently. But he needs to think about the fate of his producers as well and right to the point he has been misjudging in the same.  That is why, after a long time he changed his direction style and made a film named 1000 Abaddhalu next. The film also bears a caption which reads, “A film not by Teja”. The film is also due to get released. Whether the long wait of success would end with this, we need to wait and see.

Telugu Film Industry was thrilled watching a film named Sogasu Chooda Tarama during the 90s. People started wondering how come a Mani Ratnam mark film was made in Telugu! After that one film the director got a chance to work straight with Chiranjeevi in his next project. He is none other than director Gunasekhar. Making his second film Choodalani Undhi a hit, Gunasekhar went straight to the list of top directors in Telugu Cinema. Though he is not a great story teller, Gunasekhar is very good in technicalities and likes to show the film on a grand scale visually. That is the reason why many of his films feature grand set design. Gunasekhar is one director who gave special importance to the Art Direction department. With his film Okkadu, Telugu Cinema was once again amazed by his directional talent. Right from then, most of the top heroes in Telugu Film Industry were eager to work with him. But in the race of making every top hero film a commercial success, Gunasekhar landed himself into confusion. The critics started saying he is not showing enough dedication towards the story but focused only on the set designs. With two back to back flops such as
Varudu and Nippu, his career became more at a stake now. Now he is making Rudramadevi with high visual value and lot of hard work. Rudramadevi is his dream project and he is determined to score a hit with this film at the Box Office. Hopefully, at least this film should quench his thirst for the need of success!

Y.V.S.Chowdary’s films are well equipped with family drama, sentiment and heavy scenes quite often. The hero’s attitude is quite peculiarly shown in his films and that was the reason why Devadas was a hit. When his film Laahiri Laahiri Laahirilo is watched, it looks like a beautiful trip to a village virtually! These are the aspects which attracted Telugu Film Industry to this director. In the early days of his career, he got chance to work with a top hero like Nagarjuna. Being a huge fan of Sr.NTR, he showed it by directing Sr.NTRs son Harikrishna in Seetayya. After that he got a chance to work with Balakrishna as well. Nandamuri fans were eager to see their hero getting directed by a Sr.NTR fan and the expectations were quite high. But the film Okka Magadu horribly backfired and he became a victim of harsh criticism. His next film Saleem just had the glitz but not content. Without stopping there, he even became a producer and tasted failure there also. Now, Y.V.S.Chowdary is in serious need of a hit.  His next venture “Rey has Saidharamtej, a member of Mega Family as the hero and he is making it on a big scale. This film is like a Do or Die situation for the director. Vijayabhaskar, who made a series of great films like Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav, Mallishwari and Manmadhudu also is in the flop race, when his dialogue writer Trivikram Srinivas left his team. Now he is busy in making his upcoming film Golmaal.  He also has to make this film a hit and prove his worth.

The film industry embraces a director when a hit is scored, and the same industry keeps him/her away with a failure. This fact is well known to everyone. These directors are eagerly waiting for the success to shower on them. But, that is solely in their hands. For their future film career journey to be smooth, they need to work well on the films in their hand at present. Let us hope that they work well on their current projects and come back in the path of success.

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