Tollywood's 'Friendly' Young Brigade

By - August 04, 2013 - 02:40 PM IST

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It is needless to say two swords cannot fit in one handle. Telugu film heroes are not of an exception to this! Though they call each other brother externally, they have deep egos within! That was why the multi starrer Telugu Films became an unfulfilled dream till some years ago. When two heroes met, there used to be a casual talk and the affection was clearly missing previously. In short, even their meet-ups in real life looked cinematic. Even with attending audio release functions, the other hero just attends it, and gives a reserved speech, posing for few photographs and leaves. But the younger hero generation paved way for a new friendship tradition in the film industry. While the leader of the batch is Allari Naresh- Manchu Manoj, Naani, Sharwanand, Uday Kiran, Tanish and Varun Sandesh are his army! This is a great friendship batch which is creating waves in Telugu Film Industry.

For audio release of an Allari Naresh film, Naani attends and does allari (Mischief!)

In the same way if it’s a Naani’s film, Allari Naresh comes and guarantees a fun time!

Irrespective of whose event it would be, the attendance of other heroes is compulsory. No matter wherever they are, they will make sure they attend the event of their friend!  In the audio release of Swami Raa Raa, Naresh and Manchu Manoj launched themselves on stage and created the great fun atmosphere. Taking control of the mike, they started throwing satires on their remaining young hero friends group! The same scene was repeated in the audio release of Paisa starring Naani and Kevvu Keka starring Allari Naresh. In Kevvu Keka audio release Allari Naresh said, “ We organized the audio release of our film in a jiffy. Naani was in Coimbatore then. But he immediately came to attend the event!”.

Sharwanand said, “ We all are of same age that is why there is lot of rapport between us. Usually everybody is busy in their own work and we cannot hang out frequently. Audio Function is an excuse for us to meet irrespective of wherever all of us are! The fun immediately begins right from then!”. This batch used to play volley ball together in their earlier days, and that is why the strong bond of friendship still continues. Allari Naresh always says, “ I pray my film should run well. Along with that I also pray fervently that all my friends' films should run successfully! If a film of our friends flop, we give support to each other. Because, we know how painful a failure of a film can be and my friends should not succumb to such pain..”

All in all, this young hero group has started a new trend of great friendship in Telugu Film Industry. Hoping that they continue this by being always together, and their friendship becomes stronger as years pass by, Iqlikmovies wishes everybody a happy friendship day!