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By - August 07, 2013 - 05:47 PM IST

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Thumping Hero’s Introduction sequence, flashy fights, four punch dialogues with few songs- this has been the regular mantra of Telugu Cinema. It is nothing great to write stories in this format and gain people’s appreciation. Even a viewer who follows such regular path of cinema can come up with a convincing film story. Instead of that- it is really tough to write a story which involves sensitive relationships, combat within inner self, and indigenous environment. If such films arrive- they are usually branded as “Art Films”. Hence, realizing that making such films is a courageous task, many film makers are confining to commercial cinema with has business value. In an atmosphere like this, Indraganti Mohanakrishna is one gentleman who is passionate about making films in his own style. Grahanam, Ashta Chemma, Golkonda High School- no film of his is related to its predecessor. Now he is coming forward to narrate a love story in his upcoming venture “Anthakumundhu Aa Tarvatha” which is ready for release. On this occasion, here is an exclusive chit-chat with the director:

The title sounds quite different. What are those sequences which happen before and after (Anthakumundhu Aa Tarvatha!)?
Going by the title, it is usually assumed that the film shows what happens before and after marriage. But it is nothing of that sort. Once a young guy and a girl express their love for each other, and move away in distance- they come to know some new facts about each other in this situation. Their thought process changes and emotions vary. Rest of the film is about how these particular changes impact their relationship.

The story seems to be somewhat confusing?
There is no confusion in this. To be clearer, there is no story at all! The life of three characters is what is shown in the film- in which two of them are the lead roles.

Usually a Love Story is portrayed from the youngsters’ point of view. Have you touched the same point in your film?
Every Love Story involves a family. And when Family comes by- elders are also seen. How can we complete the story without their presence? The influence of elders is inevitable on the youngsters. This film doesn’t say that the younger generation does mistake and the elders correct it. It shows that even elders can commit mistakes and how it would influence the younger lot.

What are the influences behind this story?
I’ve been choosing other’s stories for my film all the while. Grahanam was based on a novel and Ashta Chemma was influenced by an English book. Golkonda High School was also inspired story. For the first time I made a film which is based on my experiences, the people I met, and real time incidents.

What is the reason behind choosing Sumanth Ashwin for the hero’s role?
I used to strongly think if not excelling in the role I created, one should not damage the character’s value.  But he acted more than my expectations and I am totally satisfied with his performance. Before we went out for filming, I organized some script reading sessions and they came out of good help.

What is the Reason behind casting Madhubala in a mother’s role for this film?
We wanted somebody who could suit the role of a woman who gets married early in life. Isha is the heroine in the film and her features resembled Madhubala a lot. That is the reason we took Madhubala for the role. She is a special highlight for the film- no doubt.

Why do you take a long gap between your films?
It is nothing like a delay at all. To properly write a story it takes nearly a year. After that I should look for the producer and that is why it may look like there is a delay.

Would you venture out in Action films?
I do have such story ideas in mind. I yearn to make a new kind of film everytime. A subject which is taken once should not be done again. When the time arrives, I will definitely make an action genre movie.

Our Telugu Cinema is unable to get recognition in the international arena. What could be reason for it?
Why should be talk about Oscar and Worldwide awards? Our films are unable to compete with the neighboring state films. With one film- there are ten such similar films coming in. If the thought process is new- films will be new and only such films can get awards.

There is a dearth of stories in Telugu Film Industry now. Do you agree?
There is no dearth of stories. If searched in the right way, there are lakhs of stories available. Writers like Chalam and Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao penned hundreds of stories and they can be conveniently made into films.

How much are you influence by Hollywood style of film making?
I don’t have much influence of it. To be honest, I don’t watch many films. I love reading books and I like the book Chivariki Migiledhi a lot. One day, definitely I would want to make it a film.