Where is the path for these films release ?

By - August 08, 2013 - 06:37 PM IST

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Piracy was one of the enemies for Cinema until quite recently. It captured Cinema and hampered its development. Now a new problem is affecting Cinema and hampering it worse than ever before. That is nothing but the Separate State movement. As long as Telangana movement was going on, the producers were terrified all along. Nobody knew when there would be a bandh in Nizam area and did not know which film it would adversely affect! If the film was made by people from Andhra, the agitators used to sit in front of the theater and hartaals were conducted. As a result, audience was scared to watch the film in theatres! The collections used to come down – eventually affecting the Film’s returns.

Now Telangana state has been given. At the precise moment when people were relieved that the agitations would come to an end, Samaikyandhra movement began! This agitation has been like something which was never seen before. It has been putting the state in flames since a week and Cinema has been one of the biggest baits for it. This movement has become a huge hindrance for the release of big budget films. Yevadu and Attarintiki Daredi were stopped as a result of this movement and nobody knows when they would be released. If this condition continues, Toofan also would be in the same way. All the festive releases on account of Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussehra will have to postpone their release dates as a result of this ongoing agitation. Even films like Bhai and Masala would be impacted by this.

Usually the month of August is filled with a series of big releases. Keeping that in mind, the makers of Attarintiki Daredi and Yevadu planned the releases. Realizing the huge impact of Pawan Mania, the makers of Yevadu postponed their film- which happened for a lot good. If at all the film was released on the planned date 31st July, the film would have been thrown away to the agitations in Seemandhra region. Attarintiki Daredi- which was supposed to release at any cost on 7th of August has been postponed for two days later. But when the makers realized that the situation isn’t getting better at all- they postponed it for an unknown date now! There is a huge doubt whether these two big films would be released in the month of August now. People say that Yevadu would be a September release and god knows about Attarintiki Daredi release date!

Nagarjuna’s Bhai and Bol Bacchan remake Masala film makers are scared to announce the release dates because of the situation. The main reason is because nobody is able to estimate what will happen to the conditions in the state. But one thing is true- When Telangana Movement was going on, the producers were so scared to release their films. In the same way, they are equally scared to release their films in Seemandhra region right now. If the big budget films condition itself is like this, what would be the plight of small budget movies? Obviously, their condition is worse. They have no capacity to fight over the big budget films and at the same time cannot take a courageous step to release their films at this juncture.

When Yevadu was postponed, Romance and Abbai Class Ammayi Mass released in a rapid fashion. Romance is being run with average collections. But this time is not suitable for small budget films at all because in Seemandhra the people cannot leave their homes and watch films in safer conditions. Moreover, the theatres are sealed. Theatre management is not willing to give permission for these films to be played in that area. Even if it is given, the shows would run only during the evening or night. Films like Prema Oka Maikam, Paisa, Intinta Annamayya and Chandi – in short nearly dozen films are in trouble due to the Samaikyandhra movement. Their market value amounts totally upto 200 crores – an unofficial estimate. This means 200 crore value stock is being held idle without getting sold! As to –be-released films count increase- this value is bound to increase as well. Who is going to answer for this unjustified amount? Who will bear the losses as a result? Will those days return where Cinema is treated as just a Cinema? Will there be no leader who would identify that Art doesn’t have regional bias such as Telangana or Andhra? Only time can answer such questions.