That's exactly why he is number 1!

By - August 09, 2013 - 09:34 AM IST

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Traditionally by definition hero should be tall, smart and handsome and Tolly is blessed with such a hero who not only stole the hearts of many girls but is also called ‘The Prince’. When it comes to delivering blockbusters and winning awards it is a sweet walk for this guy and has many under his belt!

By now you already guessed this charming? You are right on the money; it is none other than Mahesh - winning the audience of all age segments. The Girls know him as Prince, Boys call him Pokiri and Families call him Chinnodu. This is the kind of reputation he developed.

A great evidence would be the movie ‘Ashta Chemma’, where Swathi jumps all over the place listening to the word Mahesh. In reality there are many such Swathis’ all over the world. All the top limelight heroines, directors and producers are still on the quest of making a movie or act with this handsome. This alone put him on the track and race to the No#1 spot in Tollywood.

As we all know that megastar Chiranjeevi ruled the industry for nearly two decades and is currently occupied in politics opening up the spot for No#1. The current competition is extremely stiff with all the big guns like Charan, Jr.NTR and Pawan Kalyan. However Mahesh seems to be hovering around this spot for quite some time and getting closer day by day.

When it comes to remuneration - Mahesh is #1 (ask the producers)
When it comes to fan following - Mahesh is #1 (look at his twitter account)
When it comes to bagging commercials - Mahesh is #1 (switch on the TV and you will agree)
When it comes to overseas collections - Mahesh is #1 (Dookudu and SVSC are great examples)

Undoubtedly Mahesh is on the forefront when it comes to female fan following. His ability to pick and choose a variety of roles and his flair onscreen has impressed the female audience especially for which Pokiri is a great evidence. When it comes to family entertainers it is never easy to win this genre, but Mahesh made it look so simple with Murari and SVSC.

Just like our Tendulkar, it has become a habit for Mahesh to bag more awards and his first Nandi award started with Rajakumarudu and has a total of 7 Nandi’s and is on the top as #1. 

Added to his laundry list of #1’s, he started a new tradition in Tolly by giving voice over for movies like Jalsa and Baadshah (very unusual…but we loved it).

With all these accomplishments, he is still very down to earth and maintains discipline on the sets and never crossed the line with the media.

To wrap this up he has also become an inspiration for smokers on how to quit smoking. Seems that he pulled off this trick by reading a book on "How to Quit Smoking” and he is also taking extra care to avoid such scenes in his movies.

All that he knows is cinema and his family, and when people praise him as #1 he would simply throw a sweet smile and continue with his job. He recently has been promoting social awareness by supporting ’MARD’ program.

This is all what we can say about this #1 and we wish him many more successful milestones in his career and wish him good luck and happy birthday from iQlik Movies.