Small budget Films get their Freedom

By - August 10, 2013 - 04:24 PM IST

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If a star hero’s film is not releasing on a scheduled date- his fans feel terribly down. Even Box-Office gets concerned! But it is small budget films which will gain the most out of it. That reason is because- there won’t get any better time than this! Despite completing the films in time, Small Budget films are unable to go to the path of release – not because of a lack of competent story. It is due to the lack of availability of theatres. As a result, whenever the small budget film producer is asked about their film’s release they give back silence as an answer.  It does not mean that their films are not capable enough to become a hit. It is because the producer is terrified to release the film in the midst of big budget films and eventually get crushed in their competition. Just like a good story and good planning is necessary for making a film, even the release date of a film is crucial. That is why Small budget films plan their release in such a way that there are no big budget films at the time of their scheduled release date. Now, it is a festive time for them. Big budget films like Yevadu and Attarintiki Daredi have been postponed and Toofan also will take time to be released. This short time frame is enough for them to make best use of the opportunity! That is why a heap of small budget films are getting released on 15th of this month.  They are..

August 15th - A day when India attained independence from the British Rule. But this year, it is Small Budget films which are going to get the independence! All those films which couldn’t be released till now are scheduled for release on this day. Initially it was planned that August 1st week would have Yevadu and 2nd week would have Attarintiki Daredi for release. At the midst of sudden change in the Political conditions in the state and beginning of Seemandhra Movement, Big budget films took a back step in releasing. But the Small budget films courageously paved the way for release! This month was supposed to have nine films for release but due to less promotion time they were stopped.  Films such as 1000 Abaddhalu, Antaku Mundhu Aa Tarvatha, Marina, Jadagduru Aadishankara have been confirmed for release till now and this number is subject to increase!  1000 Abdaddhalu is directed by Teja with Sairam Shankar as the hero.  With the delay of Attarintiki Daredi the film makers decided to release this film on 9th of this month.  But due to some last minute hurdles, the film has been postponed and it is confirmed that the release is on 15th August.  Writer Bharavi’s Jagadguru Aadhishankara couldn’t be released till now because of availability of theatres. Though the film has big stars like Nagarjuna, Mohan Babu and Srihari- it is being considered as a small budget film- because of that, lack of theatres for it.  Finally, the film has reached the path of its release. Bharavi is hurriedly making arrangements for the film’s release with big budget film Attarintiki Daredi getting postponed.

Indraganti Mohanakrishna’s Antaku Mundhu Aa Tarvatha has Sumanth Ashwin as the hero. The producers planned for the film’s release initially on August last week. But due to lack of films in the Box Office, the film is releasing beforehand. Even this film is releasing on August 15th.  The film Dalam was finished long back and was supposed to be released in March. But due to some problems the release was pushed forward till now. Since two months there has been no buzz about the film at all. But suddenly the producers started promotion of it in the midst of big budget films getting postponed.  The dubbing film Marina which was almost in an anonymous state till now is also getting release in a jiffy.  Producer Shobha Rani decided to release the film on August 15th.

All in all, August 15th will have a heap of New Telugu films getting releasing giving the festive atmosphere. But the only fear is what will happen if Attarintiki Daredi gets released suddenly!

The producers of Attarintiki Daredi have not announced a particular date for the release of the film. If things in Seemandhra get to normal and the film is released, then all these small budget films which are getting ready for release will have to go back again.  While Pawan Kalyan fans are praying for the early release of their hero’s film, small budget film makers are praying for the delay of it so that their films can be played. Should see whose prayers will be answered!