Can't we look at films as a Separate entity?

By - August 21, 2013 - 01:30 PM IST

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Cinema is an out and out Entertainment medium. This is an undisputable fact.  A common man who is tired of daily chores and troubles in the real life would find solace in a Cinema theatre! Sadly, this medium is currently getting thrashed in crisis.  For somebody else’s cause, Cinema is getting drastically affected. How justified is this?

Telugu Cinema has been seriously affected initially with Telangana Movement and now the Seemandhra Movement taking place in the state.  Everybody agrees to the fact that Cinema is beyond language and if talent is there, people get artists and technicians from foreign countries to work for our films.  Telugu Cinema gives unfaltering respect to Art. But it is burning under the agitations of Telangana and Seemandhra right now. Yevadu and Attarintiki Daredhi are not getting released as a result.  If the agitations continue, many more films would be stopped at the crucial juncture of release.  It is the producer’s misfortune to see their films un-released even after timely completion.  They get debts and financial support from multiple sources and it is a needless fact to say that the interest levels for such debts is very high. For every hundred rupees, the interest rate is ten rupees.  As the release date gets postponed, the interest value starts increasing. Who would be responsible for this loss?

Everybody gave a sigh of relief when Telangana issue was solved and all the agitations in the area subsided.  But it is a danger sign for Telugu Cinema.  A film which is made in Telangana area would not be allowed to run in Andhra regions. If an actor from Andhra Region acts in the film, such film would not be allowed to run in Telangana Area. Even if the film is eventually released, the film would be over taxed saying it is from a neighboring state.  All these are indicators to say that the plight of Telugu Cinema is going haywire.

Let us keep the Political equilibrium aside and think from the common Telugu Film goers’ point of view.  Audience doesn’t have time at all to ponder over whether the film is made by a Telangana region person or an Andhra region person.  If the picture is aired on screen and is likeable- that is more than enough. If entertainment is guaranteed, that is what the film goers look for.  That is the absolute nature of Cinema.  It is a great entertainment medium which amazes the audience irrespective of region and language. But we are linking regions with art.  Can we observe the regional difference in the dance of Chiranjeevi? Is Yesudas a Telugu native? Then why are we able to enjoy his songs? Where is A.R.Rahman from? In fact, Telugu Audience never had the regional bias with respect to talent in Cinema.  But where all these differences suddenly propped up from?

That is why; our thinking and way of looking at things should change.  Cinema should be viewed as just an Entertainment medium because, Cinema is not a one man’s effort.  People from 24 departments work together in co-ordination and make a film, and their families make a living out of it. Their lives should not go at stake due to these differences. Issues of Self-respect should be solved in their own manner and they should not be linked with Cinema.  Let us hope such day comes soon because we all love Cinema..Cinema..Cinema..