Samantha to launch her official website!

By - August 22, 2013 - 07:22 AM IST

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Our cinema folks are putting scientific technology to the best use. Gone are those days when you had to invite the media to voice your opinion. Since the arrival of Twitter and Facebook it eased their work in folds. These social media have become promoting platforms for their movies and also to share their personal thoughts.

Samantha however chose Twitter to perform her social service. Recently she started raising funds by auctioning celebrity costumes (Pawan Kalyan Gabbarsingh and Mahesh Dookudu Costumes). The proceeds from this auctionto would go to a charity organization. All this was done through Twitter. However Samantha has a different thought now, she plans to launch a website on her name. In addition to the films and her personal information, she also plans to incorporate the charity organization details on to the site. The website is currently in progress and will be officially announced soon.