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The mere note of this song from Kodama Simham gives Goosebumps and a thousand volt energy to every fan who claims to be a “Chiranjeevi fan”. By just taking the name, anyone from a red-blooded teen to a cold-blooded old man feels like screaming aloud “Megastar Zindabaad” once. Of course, we are not even attempting to describe him because we are pretty much aware that it would take volumes - He is such a timeless phenomenon! But to tell these internet geeks and Youtube freaks of the current generations who only know digital film screenings, utorrent downloads and Youtube marketing-

Armstrong was the first man to step on Moon, Columbus discovered America, Adison invented electricity and there is a Superstar named ‘Chiranjeevi’ who walked on the Indian Cinema Planet sweeping myriads off their feet and whose mere sigh can drive zillions! He was the man who could stand against nature and still win a hit [His Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari (1990) was a blockbuster in spite of the heavy monsoon and cyclonic rains]. And he is the man who could inspire and motivate millions.

To us, his action was a delight, his dance was a magic, his film was celebration and a first show ticket to his film was anything close to impossible and anything beyond an achievement.

Fans apart, our Tollywood stands as a testament to this –

Ask comedian turned hero Sunil, he’ll tell you who tugged him to become an artist. “Without Annaya’s [as fans and industry profoundly call him] influence, no one would have entered the industry”, says elated fan Sunil.

And a busy comedian like Dhanraj admits that it was Chiranjeevi because of who he was here in the industry.

To our pleasant astonishment, even the current Tamil Nadu Governor Sri. K. Rosaiah, in a private cultural function declared in a private function that he is a huge fan of Chiranjeevi.

And Tamil star hero proudly announced in a Television show that he was his inspiration behind his blood donation activities - This should speak more than adjectives!

And this list just goes countless. When few fans were tapped, this is what they told what the word Chiranjeevi means to them:

“First of all, Happy Birthday Annayya! Well, if ask me about ‘Chiru Cinema’, I should tell you I’m a big A/c to Megastar Chiru. I was a diehard A/c right from my childhood and used to miss not a single film of his. I remember it was in my Intermediate 2nd year, I had a Cumulative Eamcet test that day and it was a big-day for me as my promotion to a higher section was based on that exam. But Jai Chiranjeeva (2005) released the same day. Obviously, anyone would have had the conflict between exam and cinema, but that day it was simply Annayya who swayed my senses. On that scorching morning, after a three hour stand in the ‘Q’ at the ticket counter and having got my shirt torn, I managed to win a ticket to the film. My jubilance knew no Limits. Though the movie disappointed me, Annayya was great in the film. He was my hero and he is my hero! We are there for you Annayya, Happy Birthday!” – Praveen, a 23yr old pharmacist.

If this was Praveen’s story, read this –

“I am a huge huge fan of Megastar Chiru. I can’t express why, I simply admire him. And it takes me back to the days of Gharana Mogudu (1990) when I promised my family to take them for first show. But unfortunately due to a heavy downpour that day, I couldn’t get the tickets for the promised show. When I got back to home drenched, my 8yr son was so disappointed that he didn’t provide a towel for his soaked dad but instead started bugging me for the tickets. I had to all the way rush back to the theatre some 8kms from our residential area and find some tickets for the second show – for me and my son [God! I was lucky enough that day]” recollects Satyanarayana, a 70yr old fan of Chiru.

Well, there are a few to mention but there should be hundreds and thousands of similar experiences. What are yours? Share your madness for Chiru here and wish hima very  Happy Birthday…


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