Sirivennela - Classic to a Commercial Lyricist

By - August 28, 2013 - 07:45 AM IST

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Sirivennela Sitaramasastry earned an unforgettable place in Telugu Film song lyric writing with his debut film Sirivennela. But his talent did not stop with just classical oriented songs. As the days passed by, he ventured out to Commercial songs as well.

Though Sirivennela movie gave him a good name as Classy writer, he was yet to make a good mark as a writer of Commercial Telugu songs. Music director Chakravarthy garu suggested him to improve his commercial lyric writing skills which would help him in surviving in Telugu Film industry for a longer period of time.  Hence, Sirivennela garu wrote commercial songs for the first time in the movie Veta. Incidentally music for the film was by Chakravarthy garu.

Ever since, he started writing Classy as well as Commercial songs in parallel at ease.  Despite having many commercial songs in his career till then, Botany Paatam undhi from Ram Gopal Varma’s Shiva is one of his turning points with respect to Commercial lyric writing. Ram Gopal Varma is one such director who gives special care in making songs very different in his films, and Maestro Ilaiyaraaja gave a brilliant foot tapping tune for the same. But Sirivennela garu wrote it in comparatively less duration of time.

For Sirivennela garu, the situation in a movie is very crucial for the quality of song lyrics.  If the film situation is powerful enough to motivate him to write simple yet meaningful lyrics, he does it with more ease.  

Ever since the advent of Shiva, Sirivennela garu never looked back in writing any type of song for Music connoisseur as well as easy listener alike! He is one of the greatest influential person of this decade with his writings and idealogies. Directors like Krishna Vamsi and Trivikram are the well-known devotees of this legendary writer and there are many silent devotees for him in all walks of the society irrespective of the age group.

To such a great writer, poet and thinker iQlik wishes Happy Birthday,

Listing 10 of his all time classic songs:

1. Vidhaata Talapuna (Sirivennela)
2. Botany Paatam (Shiva)
3. Shivani Bhavani (Swathi Kiranam)
4. Andhela Ravamidi (Swarna Kamalam)
5. Aura Ammaka Chella (Apathbandhavudu)
6. Chilaka Ye Thodu Leka (Subhalagnam)
7. Asalem gurthukuradhu (Anthahpuram)
8. Ye swasa lo cherithe (Nenunnanu)
9. Jagamanta kutumbam (Chakram)
10. Entha varaku (Gamyam)

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