Nag - There is no Success without Risk!

By - August 29, 2013 - 10:05 AM IST

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Nagarjuna always comes forward to encourage new generation and fresh talent. He has immense trust in young talent. He always feels- unless an opportunity is given, how an upcoming artist can prove his worth. That was why an inexperienced, video shop owner became Ram Gopal Varma with Shiva. It was one film which showed that new people stand a chance in film industry. Right from then, Nagarjuna has been following this trend. He doesn’t distinguish between Class and Mass roles. What is most important to him is to gain the audience’s appreciation in any role he adorns. Either as a Gharana Bullodu, or giving darshan as pious Annamayya, or arriving as Mass- that could be of possibility to only Nagarjuna. Now he is ready with his upcoming project Bhai. The film is due on release in September. Incidentally, today is Nagarjuna’s birthday. On this dual occasion, here is an exclusive chit chat with the Yuva Samrat.

Happy Birthday to you...Bhai!
Thank you very much!

Do you feel you are getting older with every birthday?
No matter how old I become, my fans feel I am still “Greeku Veerudu” or “Manmadhudu”. Hence, I never felt such insecurity.

What is the secret behind your eternal youthfulness?
Fans and their continual support.

Do you have any secret tips for diet and health?
I take proper diet everyday and have a habit of eating in time.  I don’t have any restrictions in eating, but I should eat in time. If this is followed, good health is guaranteed!

How do you workout at Gym?
I spend minimum one hour at Gym without fail every day. I do less strenuous exercises from 6-7AM. I don’t have a habit of going to shooting by 8AM. I go at leisure by 9AM and inform the producer about this well in advance. The main reason for this is because health is primary. If the face is paled down and weak- how can one look handsome on screen?

What about the films for which you do rigorous home work, and understand the character you are going to play in the film?
I did such home work for my recent film Shirdi Sai. I used to read lot of his books and tried to understand how his experiences were and the way he interacts with his close associates. Except for exclusive films like this, I never did rigorous home work for most of my roles.

How well do you involve in other departments of films you act in?
I have my total involvement in them. I take complete care in the story. However, I won’t influence the director to take a shot in the way I want to. I don’t prefer to give advises when the film reaches to the set stage. All the important changes must happen in the script stage itself.

You have been giving opportunities to new talent throughout most of your career. How do take this challenge afresh every time? Is it not 90% risk to make a film with a new person?
The 90% risk factor is not only with a new person, but with any film. If we worry about risk, how can we make films? Success would not come if such risks are not taken. Films like Shiva, Annamayya, and Ramadasu would not have come if risk wasn’t taken. In order to explore new path, risk is inevitable.
Have you watched any new films off late?
I watched Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. It was fantastic. Farhan Akhtar did a phenomenal job in it. By investing just 35 crores- the film fetched 100 crore gains. This is the advantage of Multiplex culture.
When will the culture of making biopics in Tollywood start?
Where are such audiences for us? To do that, films should be made exclusively for Multiplex audience. By doing so, at least those sections of audience would be significantly larger and the film can be watched. But Multiplex culture here is not progressing as estimated.
How did “Bhai” come up?
It came out very well. Veerabhadram dealt with it very well. The film would remind the audience of Hello Brother. Bhai is nowhere irritable and every frame looks clean. I am sure it would be liked by everyone!

All the best!
Thank you very much!