Anjali is in Hyderabad 'Working'!

By - August 30, 2013 - 06:12 AM IST

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These are the rumors that we are hearing Day-In Day-Out about Anjali. She did something similar in the past. Without informing anyone she lived incognito for a while and came out of hiding only to file a case on her aunt, saying she received life threatening calls – you can still feel it in the air. So, the news cannot be ignored. However, family members are saying ‘These are all rumors, do not trust them’.

iQlikmovies.com inquired about the matter and found that Anjali is in Hyderabad, safe and sound. She is presently in a studio located in Hyderabad dubbing for her upcoming flick Masala. Since the last two days, her phone was also not working and that is excatly the reason why these rumors are being spread.

Anjali will soon be flying with Venky to Hokkaido, Japan (Japan’s second largest island), where they will be filming a song for Masala. With this the film shooting also comes to an end. Hope this will put an end to all the gossips.


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