By - September 02, 2013 - 03:38 AM IST

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We adore film stars…

We worship them…

They are almost demi-gods to us…

But becoming a ‘star’ is no less a herculean task! And not every tom dick and harry stepping into this industry becomes a ‘Megastar’ here! [Otherwise we should have had countless Megastars by now!] And it takes years of hardship, perseverance and character to evolve and emerge as a ‘star’ in true sense! But, here is a man who has grown beyond the ‘Megastar’ status in absolute style! 

The way he renders his dialogues…

The way he gets his arm moving around his neck with gushing out anger…

His dances, his fights and as a matter a fact even his smile…

Anything and everything is a cult!

From being a star’s introvert brother ambitiously trying to find his footing in this industry to being a “religion” [as they say], Konidala Kalyan Babu alias Pawan Kalyan has truly shown us a ‘Superstar’ phenomenon!

Now PAWAN KALYAN isn’t just a name but in fact a brand for the fans!

Success graphs, regional disparities and market factors cannot affect this brand. If Tholi Prema (1998) remained a classic in the history of Indian cinema with National Awards and Nandi Awards in its cap, Thammudu (1999) was the youth favorite then. If Badri (2000) showed us what a blockbuster could be, Khushi (2001) is no less a “must-watch cult” movie of all-time. While Jalsa was the biggest ‘crowd puller’ in the South by then, Gabbar Singh (2012) redefined the term ‘blockbuster’ for the trade dictionaries.

Above all, he is one of the few stars after Rajinikanth who could gild a fan-base for both his on-screen and off-screen facets. He might be a ‘star’ but above that, to anyone who has known him from a distance, he is the best human to happen in ones’ lifetime! [For more intense and rhythmic description, we have to ask writer cum director Trivikram]

Now, Pawan Kalyan is beyond definitions, expectations and anticipations. But he is always a ‘Powerstar’ to his fans! We too need not just stars but someone who could offer a justification to the term just like Powerstar Pawan Kalyan!

Nu Gudumba Satthi kaavochu, thokkalo satthi kaavochu…He is the one and only POWERSTAR PAWAN KALYAN!

Happy Birthday Powerstar! 


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