Lover Boy Chiranjeevi and Dream Boy Nagarjuna???

By - September 05, 2013 - 07:36 AM IST

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Hema…! She is filled with sarcasm, bountiful of naughtiness and tons of fun – In a single word she can be described as Lady Ravi Teja. She stands atop of the few actresses who are shining as comedians. Hema is filled with fun not only on-screen but also off-screen (sets and press meets) and the moment she is handed a mike, starts blabbering enthusiastically. During her recent visit to First Love audio release ceremony, she was her usual self and revealed some interesting facts.

The title of the film is First Love! So, all the guests were asked to talk about their first love. It was Hema’s turn “My first Love is Chiranjeevi and the admiration towards him landed me in movies. But my Dream Boy has been Nagarjuna; no one can surpass him in glamor. It’s been a while since he stole my heart and will love him till my death!!” The entire auditorium resonated with claps and applauds.

The audio function got a new look, cameras started flashing but there was one person who was shocked and spellbound. He is John!! But if Hema loves Chiranjeevi or Nagarjuna what has it got to do with him? Well it has to, because he is the husband of Hema..!!