Maruthi gets hold of Bunny

By - September 06, 2013 - 06:37 AM IST

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Maruthi is a master of small cinemas and is gradually progressing towards making big cinemas. He is making preparations to make films with star heroes. There is information that Allu Arjun has taken the precedence in this regard. Bunny and Maruthi are good friends; the former even was actively involved in promoting Ee Rojullo. The movie also got good openings courtesy Bunny. Now Maruthi is making Kotha Janta with Allu Sirish which is produced by Bunny Vasu.

Bunny seems to have promised his friend Maruthi and said “Get a good story and we will make one”. He took Bunny’s offer very seriously and started focusing on stories.  Even Maruthi is also fixed on the fact that to hit a jack pot one has to make films with big heroes. Recently he narrated a line, which Bunny also liked and gave a green signal. When will this movie start then?? Well as soon as Maruthi is done Kotha Janta, this film with Allu Arjun will go onto sets, which will also be produced by Bunny Vasu.