Hansika Thrashes Bigg Boss Rumour

By - September 08, 2013 - 08:21 PM IST

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People on Social networking sites always need a celebrity to buzz around, and this time... its Bubbly girl Hansika’s turn. The gossip is all about her participation in Bigg Boss reality show. Amidst growing rumors about her partaking in Big Boss show, Hansika denies her participation in the show.

Reacting to all the scuttlebutt, the actress tweeted saying ‘even after me clearing the air that I'm not going in the BIGG BOSS HOUSE ,people are still fuming up to me and asking if I'm going... so onces again..people I'm not going in the BIGG BOSS house :))) !! . I'm very buzy completing my exciting projects :) so rumours RIP.’