Ramoji Film City is star struck

By - September 11, 2013 - 02:49 PM IST

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Cinema itself means a fun time. The filming process is of no exception! Ramoji Film City became the venue for such fun time now. Not just one or two; the shooting of ten films are happening now simultaneously. While Jagapathi Babu is in prison thinking how to confront Balakrishna in one set, Samantha is dreaming of Jr NTR at her house in another! Ali is dancing with Sujavaruni for his film “Alibaba okkade donga” in one location! In another beautiful location, Posani is having a discussion with Nara Rohith. Maruthi is near the airport set for his film “Kotha Janta”. In the North City, Ravibabu is allowing Allari Naresh and Bhoomika to do shopping. In another location, “Ee Varsham Sakshiga” actors Varun Sandesh and Haripriya are singing a duet. Meanwhile, Sabu Siril the art director of Baahubali is busy creating a set for the film. In this manner, Ramoji Film City is star struck with multiple language film shootings such as Telugu, Tamil and Odiya.  Here are the details of those Telugu films which are currently being filmed in Ramoji Film City:

Boyapati Sreenu is directing a film with Balakrishna in the lead. Sonal Chauhan in the heroine and there is another female lead too. The film is a joint production of 14 Reels and Vaarahi Chalana Chitra. Recently, the confrontation scenes between Balakrishna and Jagapathi Babu were shot. As a result, Jagapathi babu and his associate Ajay are planning to bounce back on Balakrishna with serious pondering in prison.

Jr NTR and Samantha are acting in a film directed by Santhosh Srinivas with Bellamkonda Suresh as the producer. The fighting sequences featuring Jr NTR were recently filmed in the city. Now they are filming scenes featuring Samantha in Ramoji Film City’s Flex House and the shooting will continue till 18th of this month.

Baahubali’s art director Sabu Saril is designing a new set for filming another schedule. S.S.Rajamouli is the director for this film under the production of Yarlagada Shobu. Prabhas, Rana and Anushka are acting in the lead roles. The film’s shooting is going to start in Ramoji Film City from 15th of this month in order to complete the filming of key scenes.

Meanwhile, in the north city, Bhoomika is busy shopping while Allari Naresh is looking at her from a distance. These scenes are captured by Ravi Babu the director. After Allari, Naresh and Ravi Babu are back again to work. This film features Bhoomika in the female lead and the producer is Tripuraneni Rajendra. The filming will continue till 20th of this month.

Recently, Ali acted in a song “Luck icche Ganesha” by showing devotion towards the lord and now he is busy describing his heroine through a duet song in Ramoji Film City. This song is from K. Phani Prakash’s directorial venture. The filming of this movie is commencing on the highway road. Boddada Sivaji is the producer and Ali, Sujavaruni are playing the lead roles. The filming will continue till 13th of this month.

Varun Sandesh is praising his heroine Haripriya by singing “Nee Navvu Taaralle Merusthondhila”. This song is filmed in Diviya Spot under the supervision of Dev Kishore. Ramana Mogili is the director of the film. B. Obul Subba Reddy and Srinivas Chavakula are the producers. The shooting will continue till 12th of this month.

Jilla is an upcoming Tamil film with Vijay and Kajal in the lead roles. The filming for this is commencing near a Hospital and M.P Building area in Ramoji Film City. The key scenes involving Vijay and Mohanlal are being shot. The film is being directed by R.B. Nasan and R.B Choudary is the producer. The filming will commence till 12th of this month.

Kehi Jone Bhalalagari” an Odiya film’s shooting is also taking place near the road opposite to U. Building