Regina @ Half a Crore!!

By - September 14, 2013 - 07:25 AM IST

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Make hay while the sun shines - this is what the heroines do. They do not know for how long they shine, hence start milking money when in-form. Regina is also the same. She debuted with the movieShiva Manasulo Shruti (SMS)’ in Tollywood. Even though it did not make any noise at the box-office, Regina was able to get good recognition. With her next movie Routine Love Story, she attarcted everyone and now has six movies in her hands.

Movies like Shankara, Kotha Janta and Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jivitham are in the filming stage. Apart from these she has also signed three other movies and does not have any open call sheets in this year. Keeping in view of this demand she has also hiked her remuneration. Most recently, a top producer had contacted her for call sheets, to which she agreed only if he waited until January. In addition, she collectively demanded Rs.50 lakh. The producer was surprised as to why Regina hiked her remuneration without scoring a single hit. Let’s see for how long this heat stays?