Samantha is now the Latest LUX Sundari!!

By - September 16, 2013 - 07:37 PM IST

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Switch on the TV…. it is LUX!!  Go to watch a movie it is.. LUX!! Forget about all these and go home to wash you face it is … LUX!!  Yes we are talking about the same Lux which has been part of our life since ages starting with Mahanati Savitri to Samantha. Now you can imagine what we are talking about.
Lux does not come easy as an endorsement …. They carefully handpick the BEST of the BEST glamorous heroines with great skin tone etc…. (of course Sharukh Khan is an exception) and now it is Samantha’s turn to showcase her LUX skills.

Samantha just finished shooting for the upcoming Lux commercial and tweeted “Super Happy to announce my new brand association with Lux. Secretly always wanted to be a LUX Girl… Grew up watching all my fav actresses looking radiantly beautiful in their Lux Campaigns….A total pinch me am I dreaming moment..shot with an amazing team…commercial airing Nov 1st. Shooting the campaign was extra special coz it also has @ Actor_Siddharth

Long story short Siddharth joins the LUX club with Sharukh. Anyway get ready to watch this new Lux Sundari airing this November '13 and her new skill with the LUX soap.  So BOYS!! Lux is not just for Gals anymore … the lady domination for LUX competition is going to end soon. (Hopefully Mahesh is not the one next in line).