Even Vulgarity is becoming commercial

By - September 21, 2013 - 06:02 PM IST

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It is an indisputable truth that Cinema is commerce. The seller thinks of ways to make a product suitable to the needs of customer. The seller prefers to invest money where maximum gains can be made. Cinema is of no exception from this rule. Not every story can turn into a film because it should have saleable qualities also. That is why every story on paper cannot be made into a successful film. That also doesn’t mean every story made into a film is a masterpiece- it only means the story has saleable value. Songs, Fights, Dialogues, Special songs, Heroism- all these have been prominent commercial features in Cinema.  Is vulgarity going to join this list?? This is the most pressing question now. Looking at the Box Office, this sounds to be true.

Gone are those days when a story was narrated as what it exactly is. It has to be added with attractions. Masala should be additional for young and mass audience. All this is a part of Commercial Cinema. This is the main reason why songs arrive when the story doesn’t demand it. All these look boring to the A class audience, and critics find logical flaw in this- Nevertheless, the mass audience cannot be happy if there is no song for every half an hour of the film. Same applies for fights. For the aspect of Heroism to excel, Fights are compulsory. In this manner, Songs and Fights became part and parcel of Commercialism. Now double meaning dialogues and vulgarity are ready beside these two aspects. The main aim for films like Ee Rojullo, Oka Romantic Crime Kadha and Bus Stop, 3G Love, Romance and Mahesh is to attract youth and gain monetary profits. The route they chose for fulfilling this aim is Vulgarity.

The whole meaning of the word Hit has changed. If a film is made with 25 paise budget and grosses 50 paise then it is said to be a hit. The producers thinking is like- If profits are not occurring, what is the use to make a film with good values? Though the film Romance is termed as a flop by critics, it was made with a budget of 2 crores and the producer sold it for a price of 4 crores. The distributors got good profits too.  If observed in close, the film has nothing but vulgarity. But, is the film really hit or a flop? The same situation came for Bus Stop as well. While the film was made at a budget of 3 Crores, it got 7 Crores in return. Critics blasted the film but the producer is in profits. After the success of it, twenty more such films have begun their work. The frequency of films has been increased in Film industry and opening lot of employment opportunities. How can one perceive this? In what viewpoint this has to be seen?

A film named Grand Masti came recently in Bollywood. It was made on a budget of 20 crores and in the first week the film grossed 50 crores. The film has nothing but adult comedy in it. The same is featured in the new Telugu film Mahesh now. Going by this, it can be concluded that our audience are getting used to Adult Comedy well. They are thinking what is wrong in casually watching such film. Most of the audiences for these films are young and that is what Cinema people need. Nobody has the aim of getting older audience to theatres. That is why they are making films catering to the tastes of younger audience and gaining monetary returns.

While talking to iQlikMovies.com, a small budget film producer frankly said, “Younger generations like these sort of films a lot now. That is why we are making such films. Even buyers are requesting us to make those films which would fetch profits. Award winning films will not feed anybody at all.” Vulgarity is something which is not new and many big directors made good use of it- this is some other people’s take on this issue.

It might be true. But now the same vulgarity is at its hilt. It is choosing the wrong ways to get profits. Though Cinema is essentially a business, it has some ethical values. Pockets might be filled with money at present, but History will not forgive. There is no need to make social responsible films for the youth, but please don’t make films which spoil the younger generation.