Manchu Lakshmi, Modi & Jagan !! - The Inside mystery

By - September 25, 2013 - 07:06 AM IST

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Manchu Lakshmi and Politics has been on the cards ever since she met with Narendra Modi. During Modi’s recent visit to Hyderabad, Manchu family made a special visit to meet and greet the PM candidate of BJP. There was also buzz that Modi was bowled over by Manchu Lakshmi’s intellect. It did not end there, Modi even started following her on Twitter which added more juice to the topic creating more curiosity and a sensation among the audience.

Besides the Modi’s chapter, for some time she has been chanting Jagan's name and recently Mohan Babu and Manchu Vishnu also visited him in the prison. Finally Lakshmi started praising Jagan when the news broke that he would be releasing from prison. So connecting the dots there are some unanswered questions.

Is Manchu Lakshmi getting into politics? Will she join Jagan’s party or campaign in favor of BJP? This has been the hot topic of discussion for the last few days and the rumors were getting thicker. But finally Lakshmi made it clear that “she will not be joining politics”, and will support Narendra Modi as the PM candidate.

But the mystery that needs to unfold now is about Jagan? Will she also support Jagan? if so, will her support really make a difference to either candidates? Time is best healer and we will keep you posted as the mystery unfolds.