Sekhar Kammula Directing Varun Tej!

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Nagababu son Varun Tej debut film has been changing hands ever since the news came out. When is Varun Tej movie? Who is the director? These are the questions that have been making rounds. This musical chairs saga seems to be never ending with both the father and son still in a dilemma.

Initially Srikanth Addala was supposed to launch him, but it did not happen. Later Puri Jagannadh name made rounds but never materialized. Followed by Krish, who is busy in Bollywood making the remake of Tagore. Finally it landed in the hands of Shekar Kammula, who is adept at making wonders with new talent.

All his movies such as Anand, Godavari, Happy Days and Leader have been made with newcomers. There is information that Nagababu has handed over Varun Tej to this director. Like the movie Leader, Shekar is planning to pick a social aspect and trying to show heroism in it. This movie will be directed by Ashwini Dutt and Nagababu is thinking of taking this movie onto sets without any further delay. Hope the movie goes onto the sets at least this time.

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