Vamsy movie in Financial Crisis!!

By - October 05, 2013 - 05:38 AM IST

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One more film release got halted because of financial crisis. Even though the movie is complete, due to funds deficit the boxes are collecting dust in the labs. This is not the movie of some unknown or fledgling director; It is of none other than renowned Tollywood director Vamsy. 
Vamsy movie ‘Tanu Monne Vellipoyindi’ starring Ajmal (Rangam Fame) is facing financial problems. The movie is done shooting and even the re-recording is also finished, but because of lack of funds its release got halted. Producer Poorna is unable to finish this film and has given up, even Vamsi is not able to pull it out of this rut.  Finally Vamsy cast this film aside and is busy preparing a script for another film. 

It is already known that Krishna Vamsi’s Paisa is also not hitting theatres because of funds scarcity. 
These films definitely need a divine intervention to hit the theatres. What do you say folks???