How TV Artist Sravani name got KILLED?

By - October 08, 2013 - 05:38 PM IST

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Once, there was a prisoner of war who was captured by a troop of soldiers and informed their commander about it. They were waiting for further instructions and the next steps. The commander who was far away sent a written message and asked one of his troop members to send a telegram as shown below.

"Kill him not, wait for me."
But the actual message delivered was…

“Kill him, not wait for me."
Did we not learn the importance of COMMA back in school? Yes we all did and are following it, but lately media space seems to have forgotten these basics of validating news before publishing.

Probably you all heard or seen the Sravani’s Chapter on the internet who got busted for being privately engaged with a business man in a Hotel. However, the Police Department has disclosed the information to the media as Sravani who is a TV Artist.

So what happened next?
All the major web media sources googled for the name Sravani and picked the popular TV Artist Sravani’s photograph and posted this information all over the internet and shared on all social media channels such as Facebook etc. Among this crowd one of the major players got over creative and even created a “Video Montage” with her pictures and obvious back ground music which explains the character.
How did we know all this?
Sravani, who unfortunately became a victim of this crazy act spoke to iQlikMovies.com and shared the actual truth.

So Folks!! Here is the real story and you know what to do ……..