There is no invincible man out here! - Maruthi

By - October 08, 2013 - 12:52 PM IST

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Maruthi is one unique director who made small budget cinema get new dimensions. After watching ‘Ee Rojullo’ people were fascinated wondering whether Small Budget films can be made even like this! Though he got the ‘vulgar’ stamp with the film Bus Stop- he recovered with his next project Prema Katha Chitram with novel taking. There is great inspiration of Maruthi’s work behind countless Small Budget films which are coming currently. He is currently making ‘Kotha Janta with Allu Sirish in the lead. As a producer, he is making seven films. Today it is the birthday of Maruthi who is doing a dual role as producer and a director. On that account, here is an exclusive chit chat with him:
Happy Birthday to you...Maruthi!
Thank you very much!

You have attained a good name at shorter time frame. Did you imagine this coming anytime?
I came from a very smaller level to this stage. I used to write number boards and even worked as an office boy. But now I am at a stage where people are thinking, “Wish I could be in this stage!” At times I feel so many changes have happened in a short period of 2 years. To say the truth my life has taken a dramatic turn. I used to work under a person but now I am at a stage to employ hundred people under me. However, there is seven years of hard work behind this. My only dream is to maintain this good name and go forward in my work.

With the success of Ee Rojullo, small budget film producers got lot of confidence. Even people with no film knowledge are making films. Do you think it is a good change?
After Ee Rojullo, there were hundreds of films in the same category. But how many of them really ran well? There are at least eight films releasing per week and many films getting stuck in lab. With the confidence that by investing rupee, one can get 100 rupees these films are being made. There is no rule that every film’s verdict will be the same. Ideal results will come only when one has a perfect script. I made Ee Rojullo in order to prove my worth. Bus Stop was like a continuation of that thought. That’s it. I did not touch that genre again. Audience will reject my films if I make the same content again and again.

Do you think that is the reason why such result occurred for ‘Romance’?
It is purely a director’s thought. But as I was the producer for it, people expected my style in the film. I am not trying to cover up the result of the film but for the investment made for it, the result was appropriate.

You have decided not to supervise direction from now on. Is there any reason behind it?
I supervised direction for Prema Katha Chitram. To say the truth, I was the director of the film. My third film was tied up with Geetha Arts and it was decided before. However, there was more time for the Geetha Arts film to begin. Instead of being idle, we started this film then. Allu Aravind scared me off saying what would happen if the film would flop. That was why I restricted myself to the title direction supervisor. Whatever it means, the film gave me a new experience. I refreshed myself by coming out of stories like Ee Rojullo and Bus Stop.

Prema Katha Chitram is going to Bollywood, is it not?
Yes. I got the chance to direct the Hindi version as well. But I already have many films in hand. That is why thinking whether to accept it or not. If I get some time in between I will direct the Hindi version.

How is ‘Kotha Janta’ going to be?
The film deals with two selfish people who are in love. An important issue is discussed in an entertaining manner in this. This is one film of mine which is made on a big budget.

Is there any transformation in Allu Sirish as an actor for this film?
After watching the film you should be able to say. There are positives and negatives in everyone. There is no invincible man out here. However, the director needs to keep the negatives aside and elevate the positives. I have been seeing Sirish right from my childhood and I know which sort of story would suit him well. That is why selected this one.

When would you be working with big heroes?
I also want to work with big heroes. Some heroes are ready to do. But it would be nice if they themselves express it. I’m doing a film under Dil Raju’s production banner and I have agreed to work with D.V.V.Danayya, Radha Krishna, Bellamkonda Suresh, B Batch and Good Cinema Movies.