Ramayya Vasthavayya Live Updates

By - October 11, 2013 - 12:45 AM IST

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iQlikMovies.com brings you the live updates of Young Tiger NTR's much awaited film, Ramayya Vasthavayya. Our special correspondent is watching the special show of the movie in United States.  Please follow this space to catch them live.

-> Titles started rolling

-> Marriage scene. Mukesh Rushi and Ajay enters

-> NTR enters in a <superb> getup (We do not want to kill the surprise) and delivers an excellent dialogue.

-> Fight <Pandhalu Gurrala meedha veskovali, Simhala meedha kadhu dialogue>

-> Pandaga Chesko song. Excellent steps and costumes. Here comes the much talked about Lungi dance.

-> Samantha enters. Cinematic entrance.

-> Senior Actress Rohini Hattangadi enters as Baby Shamili

-> Comedy scenes going on.

-> Dil Mere Jindagi Song. Good dances and locations

-> Gabbar Singh Srinivas enters as Soori. Comedy Fight <Buddodu Boddodu ante Guddaloodadeesi kodatha>

-> NTR following Samantha.

-> Comedy scenes with Gabbar Singh Anthyakshari batch. NTR imitating Rajasekar.

-> Mass dance by NTR

-> NTR Horse riding scene

-> One more superb comedy scene. HILARIOUS scenes going on

-> Kurrayeedu Song. Good dances.

-> Super and shocking Twist. Interval

-> Jabilli Nuvve Cheppamma. Super composition.

-> Action Sequence with Rao Ramesh

-> Flash Back with a big Twist

-> Shruti Hassan enters

-> Comedy scenes - Venky movie scene imitation

-> Village scenes between NTR and Shruti Hassan. Good.

-> Comedy scenes followed by Neneppudaina Song. Excellent Visuals.

-> Damarukam fame Ravi Shankar enters as a villain

-> High Voltage action sequence.

-> Heavy emotional scene followed by a fight

-> NTR excelling in a heavy sentiment scene

-> One more fight. Kota enters

-> Idi Rana Rangam song started.

-> Climax Sequence. Movie title is being justified.