What if Srihari was in Hyderabad??

By - October 11, 2013 - 09:12 AM IST

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It feels like yesterday was a dream and Srihari is still alive. The entire Tollywood fraternity is in a state of shock and unable to digest the fact that their co-star is no longer with them. With more details coming out about his demise, sources say that Srihari could have triggered this tragic event because of his oversight.

Speculations are ripe and his close associates feel that he would have been alive if he stayed back in Hyderabad. The doctors who have been treating Srihari for the past couple of years also think so.  About 6 months ago Srihari was diagnosed with Liver problem and was advised to stay at home and refrain from taking alcohol. Given the state of his health, he was also recommended to reduce his workload. As prescribed Srihari stayed away from alcohol for some time, but old school habits don’t change that easy and came back haunting him.

He was in Mumbai shooting for the movie Rambo Rajkumar and that’s when he fell sick with severe body pains. The local doctors not aware of his health condition, prescribed him a pain killer which are not recommended for liver patients.  His condition aggravated and was immediately rushed to Leelavati Hospital. The doctors unable to determine the cause started conducting medical examinations, thereby delaying the treatment. On the other hand, even the ICU was not available and his condition worsened leading to internal bleeding and subsequently taking his life.

His close friends and associates are saying that, “If the same were to happen in Hyderabad, the doctors would have access to his prior health history and treated him on time”. This is what we call destiny. He will always be alive and remembered not only for his immense contribution to the Tollywood Film industry but also for being a wonderful human being. We all miss you… Srihari!!