Srihari - A Self Made Man!

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Anybody can come to Film Industry...

But with a condition that they sure have a godfather.

There is a subtle difference between getting opportunities and gaining the right opportunities. The latter is possible with the presence of a Godfather.

It is a courageous step to aim for growth in Cinema without any backing and excel as a Hero. We can call such person undoubtedly as Real Star. That is why Srihari is Real Star.

He started with Role in a group, Villain’s family member, Brother, Main Brother and then Side Villain, Second Villian- finally Comedy Villian. In order to prove himself in negative shaded roles, he must have seen lot of hardships and overcome many hurdles. Finally he settled as Villian and ruled that role. He adorned such roles until he got bored of them. After that, he could manage to get roles with a positive touch. From there…slowly he turned Hero and ruled it for a while.

Srihari’s career took a major turn with Nuvvosatanante Nenoddantana. Till then women audience were scared of him. But little they knew that an actor with good body building can even make them shed tears. With that film Tollywood got a good actor who could adorn brother roles. From there Srihari’s career took a different path and another major turned happened with Dhee. People realized that stories can be penned by keeping Srihari as a trump card and hence King, Brundavanam, Don Seenu became one of the trendsetting roles for him. With Magadheera he made audience exclaim “Wah Wah!”.

Srihari’s acting journey, the stepping stones he crossed, the success he saw- all these were the price of hard work. How can a stone chisel itself to become a sculpture? But Srihari could transform himself. His life began from a Mechanic Shed in Balanagar. He belonged to a lower middle class family. Apart from a bicycle, there is not much property he possessed. That Srihari came to such a great position- all the credit for it goes to his hard work and determination. Despite lot of troubles, he strictly confined to Film Industry and adorned any sort of character he got. He developed a style of his own. Srihari is not only a great fighter, but also an actor with amazing dialogue delivery. Not just Telangana accent, he can pull over with any sort of slang with ease. His dialogue itself is like a fight and if he starts off- it is war!

Srihari could be called a Hero? Lead Actor? Amazing Character artist?- No... Srihari is a hero in real life as well. He is a philanthropist in his own style. He adopted four villages and got them water supply. Donated uniforms to kids and rescued fluoride affected people. He lovingly looked after anybody who came for his help. He made two poor kids into doctors and he himself became one. In an industry with groups, he took everybody on his side. He became everybody’s friend. That is why his journey, love, and the films made by him are exemplary. That is why nobody can fill in Srihari’s position.

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