Samantha Exclusive interview for iQlik

By - October 13, 2013 - 07:45 AM IST

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Samantha is an actress who is ruling Telugu Film Industry. She has series of successful films and handful of work. She is quite close to no.1 position in Tollywood now. She got Superhit movies this year like Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and Attarintiki Daredi this year. Now she is a major attraction in Ramayya Vastavayya in the role of Aakarsha. On that account, here is an exclusive chit chat with the actress:

How is the response coming up for Ramayya Vastavayya?
Everybody is appreciating the film and I am feeling very happy. Within one month, two films of mine have been released. Attarintiki Daredi proved as a commercial hit. I am feeling happy to see Ramayya Vastavayya also follow the same path.

How do you feel working with Jr.NTR again?
JR.NTR is a great star. It is needless to say about his hard work and dancing skills. He looked ultra-handsome in this film and stylish as well. I am sure this film would be liked by his fans.

But there have been mixed reviews for the film?
That is inevitable. There is no rule that a film would be liked by all. Even for the best films this issue arises.

Where do you get genuine feedback about your work?
Mostly from Twitter. The feedback is not hesitant there. People fearlessly say their opinion on a film.

How did you enjoy your role of Aakarsha in Ramayya Vastavayya?
People are saying my look is very good and that I was looking more beautiful than my earlier films. Even I feel the same way. I took lot of care with regards to dressing and make up for this film and the result is clearly seen on the screen.

Did anybody tease you asking you to love them just like in this film?
Nothing like that. I was never a stunning beauty during college days. There were many more beautiful women than me then!

Two big films released within a month. Your season seems to be in the air!
I am feeling very happy. There is nothing fantastic than working for a commercial film.

Does that mean you don’t want to work in small budget films?
I don’t have a difference between small budget and big budget film. If I like the script I accept a film. I always wanted to work in a film like Pizza. For that matter, even Eega was a small film before it began. They said the film should be completed in 40 days and my remuneration for the film was less. But the film became a big budget film as time passed by.

Can Small Budget film producers bear your remuneration?
Why do you feel so? If I like the story, and my characterization I will definitely accept a film.

What do you like the most- Commercial Cinema or Experimental Cinema?
Commercial Cinema is crucial because the result should come according to the hard work. I worked very hard for Em Maya Chesave but the film did not fare well. Attarintiki Daredi and Ramayya Vastavayya got record openings and it is highly satisfying. However, one should act even in stories which win heart. That is why I decided on doing totally commercial films for one year and do experimental films for another year.

When will you go to Bollywood?
I don’t have any plans as of now. I want to act in a Malayalam film because they have some great stories.

How did you feel for the piracy issue of Attarintiki Daredi?
I felt very bad. It shouldn’t have happened at all. I was in Amritsar when I heard the news. I prayed hard that the film should go well. I am happy to see that the film fared well despite piracy issues.

Do you like to work in female oriented roles?
Definitely, I have been waiting for films like that. But where are such stories? If I like a story, I will definitely do such film.

When are you going to get married?
Everybody is asking me the same question. Some are even saying I already got married! But I am not that cowardly. I would never marry without saying anything in a cheap manner. I will inform everyone. I don’t like hiding and lying about things. I told about my love affair to everyone. Why would I hide about my wedding plans? That is why I will inform everybody and then marry.