Ramesh and Dhanraj to become heroes

By - October 14, 2013 - 06:35 AM IST

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It is very common for comedians to get promoted as heroes in Telugu Cinema. Though very few such people were really successful, the craze of comedians to become heroes hasn’t gone out of fashion. Even Vennela Kishore became a hero recently. Many new comedians are following his path now and two of them are Ramesh and Dhanraj. Ramesh is one comedian who made his mark in current day comedians. He became like a care of address for drunk comedian roles. Dhanraj has been good in comedy timing.

A film named AK Rao- PK Rao is being made with Dhanraj and Ramesh as heroes. This filming is going to begin from Dasara. The producers are planning to finish the film in single schedule and release it on January. We need to wait and see whether these comedians would rule as Heros.