King Nagarjuna's new trump card

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Nagarjuna is not only an actor with distinct taste but also a producer with good viewpoint. He has complete understanding of Film Production. He has crystal clarity on aspects such as his market, what profit would arise for a certain investment, how to market his films, and ideal release date of a film. Though Bhai has been completed, he is holding up the release because of disturbing political conditions in the state. He even declared saying he would release the film only when both the regions of the state are peaceful. He could sense such atmosphere now and immediately, he announced the release date of Bhai.

Now, Nagarjuna chose a different weapon to promote his film Bhai and take the film nearer to the audience. That weapon is none other than Pawan Kalyan. Yes, Nagarjuna seems to chant Pawan’s name like a magic mantra. Despite throwing a satire on Pawan in his film’s trailer, he is focusing on Pawan’s fans. In Gabbar Singh, Pawan says, “Nenu Trend Follow Avvanu, Trend Set Chestha” (I don’t follow a trend, but I set a trend!). This dialogue became very popular. Nagarjuna threw a counter to this dialogue in Bhai saying “Evadu padithe vadu trend set chesa antunnadu. Asalu trend srushtinchindhi nuvvu kada bhai!” (Everybody seems to say they have created a trend. But that trend has been created by Bhai!). It is needless to say that the line has been targeted on Pawan. But in Bhai’s audio release, Nagarjuna heaped praises on Pawan Kalyan. He said, “I’ve watched Attarintiki Daredi and it is very good.  Devi Sri Prasad also acted in it. The same Devi composed music for our film. The film’s production partner Reliance worked for our film also. In this way, many sentiments seem to coincide!”  In this way, Nagarjuna is trying to cash the popularity of Attarintiki Daredi.

Coming to the piracy issue of Attarintiki Daredi, Nagarjuna said, “Though the film was affected by piracy, it ran well. The film proved that a good work cannot be stopped by anything- even the piracy bug. I could get enough courage to release my film Bhai by seeing this.” It is a great thing to see a lead hero praising another lead hero’s film. Even when Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu and Damarukam were supposed to release on the same time, Nagarjuna praised Pawan. He heaped praises on Pawan saying, his range is totally different from the mountain peak craze of Pawan. He applied the same technique here. But, he thought like a producer as well. He might be thinking that if he attracts Pawan’s fans, it would be a big help to his film. Or it might be a precaution to alleviate the satire he threw on Pawan in his film’s trailer. All in all, Nagarjuna is using Pawan as a trump card. We need to wait and see for the result of this actions and how Pawan fans would react to this approach. 

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