Want to remake JVAS ? Manchu Vishnu

By - October 16, 2013 - 04:50 PM IST

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Manchu Vishnu, an actor and producer, who is well aware of the market and can complete the movie in targeted cost. Besides acting, Vishnu is a high class technician, who does have a brilliant knowledge in Cinematography and other technical issues.

Most of all, he is a good father to two children…Among all these roles he is playing; Vishnu is trying to rise above the par level as an actor. Vishnu’s latest film Doosukeltha is all set to light the screens on 17th October. So, here is an exclusive chit- chat with him on this occasion...  

Dhee, Denikaina Ready and now Doosukeltha. Are you following ‘D’ sentiment?
No not like that. In that case, apparently I wouldn’t have preferred Vasthadu Na Raju as my film’s title. It was all in the hands of director and Veeru Potla himself has set the title as ‘Doosukeltha’.

How did this project reach you?
In fact, I have Okayed this film without listening to the storyline. Director Potla has designed this script for Manoj. Thanks to Manoj for recommending this film to me and we are sure that this project will surpass my earlier films Dhee and Doosukeltha.

How can you be so confident about this movie?
I enjoyed a lot while shooting for this comedy entertainer like I previously did for Dhee and Denikaina Ready. It is certain to for the film’s cast to claim their movie as the best.  But, the huge appreciation from our industry heads like Dasari Narayana Rao, Srinu Vaitla and Dasarath gave me the enough boost and confidence on the movie.

What did your father say about Doosukeltha?
In general, he won’t get satisfied with my films so easily but for the first time, my father complemented me for this film.

How is it working with director Veeru Potla?
He is a very simple and easy going man and especially he is a good writer. I became a fan of his dialogues in the film.

So, how come you are managing both the roles? (i.e. as a producer and as an actor)
In that case, what my father would say? – He has donned both the responsibilities for many of his films. I am nowhere when compared with his abilities. Moreover, all such pressure disappears when we do our favorite work. I know my market very well as a producer and I will confine the film’s budget within my market. If I am impressed with the story, I am ready to spend more and more on other films within my convenience.

Did you try six-pack for Doosukeltha…?
No. Six pack has become quite conventional these days and moreover, it a passé now. But,   I would always love to keep my body fit.

To what extent, did u reach in remaking Assembly Rowdy?
Yes, the project is on the cards and I cannot tell anymore right now. I wish to remake my father’s Peddarayudu in the meanwhile. I also love Rayalaseema Ramanna Choudary but I can’t reprise my father’s role. Not only for me, it’s probably not possible to anyone... so I dropped the idea of making it again.

If you are supposed to pick the other films, which film will you opt?
Gundamma Katha, Keelugurram, Pathala Bhairavi are my favorites. Above all, Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari is the one I liked most.  Following Chiranjeevi’s legacy, Ram Charan might remake the film. If he skips it, I will definitely do it.

We heard a lot about your social service activities.
Yes. I have recently adopted ten villages near Tirupati and started providing all the necessary facilities. My ultimate goal is to provide the requisite studies to girls.

What about your upcoming projects?
For now, my entire focus is on Doosukeltha. I will mull over my future projects after the release of this film.  

All the very best for Doosukeltha!
Thank you.