Will Pawan Kalyan make his Political entry?

By - October 21, 2013 - 07:53 AM IST

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Pawan & Politics have been on the cards for some time. But why are we trying to make this a BIG DEAL now? With the kind of political drama that the state is in, every party needs a Brahmastra for the upcoming elections and that weapon is POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN. Pawan has grown beyond a star and created a cult called Pawanism. To top it off we are also aware of his socialistic views and idealism towards Che Guevara. So now, the jig saw puzzle gets more interesting leading to several questions.

Are there large-scale efforts to bring Pawan Kalyan into politics? Is it the industrialists or the seasoned politicians that are trying to make this happen? Looking at the current landscape and the political atmosphere, the answer looks like a BIG YES! Many politicians are having sleepless nights because of Pawan’s craze; some are even trying to bring him on their side, while the others are forcing him to float a new political party. Even the Industrialists are promising to give him the financial aid and the media barons have him on the radar. So what will be the consequences if he forays into politics? Which party will take a hit? Who will be benefitted? According to our trusted sources, a powerful media has made a comprehensive report on this topic.

According to the report, “if Pawan makes his entry into politics, he will rule the roost and the future belongs to him. Many hearts are waiting to drive him towards victory”. Neither can we validate the authenticity of this report nor do we know if it is unbiased? However, the report also tells us that the MEDIA is also making a concious effort to make this happen by saying, “Look how many people are looking up to you…?”  May be this is a bait to intrigue his interest. Our information also reveals that the media is speaking to Pawan from time to time on this topic. Let us rewind here for a second, what happened when Chiranjeevi forayed into politics? Similar tricks of the trade were used; his strength was analyzed in different constituencies, Industrialists promised massive funds and there were indications that the party will rise to power. However, what happened thereafter? We will leave it to our readers to analyze this purana.

As we all know Pawan is a sensitive personality who cannot endure others pain and is prone to emotions. Nevertheless, he is also a strong individual who does not succumb to external pressures. That is exactly what he did with Mr.RGV’s baits. This is the kind of patience Pawan needs now. He should not become a victim of such conceited compliments. His every word is worth a lot and should be extra cautious in protecting his conscious. If not he will ......... one more CHIRU.

Millions of hearts who adore Pawan want him to take the right decision at the right time. Finally, it is Pawan’s choice…! However, if he makes a choice can he become the Che Guevara of AP? Will he or Can he clean up the system?