Tollywood HE?MAN Prabhas!!

By - October 23, 2013 - 08:44 AM IST

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Remember the days when we all glued to the TV’s on a Sunday morning without fail to just watch “HE–MAN” and then the following day at school, sliding into the character saying HE- MAN and the Masters of the universe. Back then this character was all fiction. But not anymore “CUTOUT CHUSI KONNI NAMMEYALI DUDE…..

YES!! We have a real HE-MAN and who else can it be other than the One & Only Young Rebel Star Prabhas.  He stands tall with a massive built (ISUZU ENGINE) personality and has made a habit of stealing the hearts.  No wonder why our Mr. Perfectionist handpicked this HE-MAN for Baahubali.

It just feels like yesterday with him but it has been 11 years and his count stands at 16 movies today. He tasted it all – FLOPS, HITS, SUPERHITS, BLOCKBUSTERS but always remained modest both in good and bad times. People thought he was just a plain vanilla action hero and cannot blend well with sentimental or emotional scenes. This HE-MAN proved his critics wrong and had a lot more to offer out of the box.

He immediately switched gears by
Fighting when in anger...
Singing duets for the loved one….

Flirting with Girls….
Crying a river for Mother’s love….
Lamenting for family ties and so on.....

Do you need any more than this to call him a complete ALL ROUNDER? With Eshwar & Raghavendra everyone thought he was great at fights but then he totally turned on his irresistible romantic switch in Varsham and was endorsed as a Mass hero with Chatrapathi. With Bujjigadu it was a different story… we all know he really became our DARLING!! And won all the hearts with Mr. Perfect & Darling. Finally the big bang came in the form of Mirchi, which rocked the screens for 100 days - a rare feat in today's cinema industry.

Now the traction he is getting with his upcoming Baahubali project may put right on the top and should not be surprised if he claims #1 and for well known reasons? …. Rajamouli. Irrespective of the results this Mirchi is HOT and always a great contestant for the Top. On this very special day iQlik Movies Wishes Prabhas a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!