Gajala making a comeback!

By - October 24, 2013 - 07:09 AM IST

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This is the age of second innings in Tollywood. Actors that glittered in the past and disappeared into darkness, are again making a comeback. Gajala who impressed everyone with Student No.1 has also joined this list. Gajala flashed in few films after which she disappeared suddenly. It was rumored that she fell in love, got cheated and as a result got estranged from movies. Now, she is back and working her way to make a comeback.

But, she wants to return to popularity with a special song. “I would have made a comeback a while ago, if I was happy with small character roles. I want an identity for myself and it will be possible only with special songs...” says Gajala. There is information that she has also signed a Telugu film. However, we are not aware if it is a special song or a guest role? It will be known only when the news gets official.

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