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iQlikMovies.com brings you the live updates of King Nag's much awaited film, Bhai. Our special correspondent is watching the special show of the movie in United States.  Please follow this space to catch them live @8:00PM EST or 5:30AM IST....

-.> Titles started rolling..

-> Movies opens Hong Kong … Sonusood Mafia Don .. son of Asish Vidyardi

-> Bhai Grand entry in a Chopper ... whistles blowing

-> Mafia ki grammer and glamour teach chesindi Nene .. punch dialogue 

-> Time for Bhai Title song ... Very Glamorous

-> Movie shifts to Hyderabad..

Ruler song ..Mansion RAJU MS Narayana

Nag in Hyderabad 

-> Richa entry ... time for some pelli choopulu :-)

-> Kamna jatalmani entrance ... Kamna's Telangana accent

-> Raghu trying to bring some laughs as Vadileyyi baba

-> Nag meets Richa in a Pub ... Michigan girl looking glamorous

-> Nemmadiga Nemmadiga Song..Nag as always good looking

-> Raghu Babu enters...

-> Pre-paid Post-paid fight!!

-> Villain enters as Bhavani immitating Shiva

-> Ayya Baboi Song.

-> Twist...!!!

-> Interval

-> Flash back Episode

-> Syaji Shinde enters as Pandey

-> Twist... Story continues

-> Ram Chakkanode song

-> Brahmi enters as NRI

-> Comedy Scenes continue

-> Wedding Scenes on

-> Bhai's name - Vijay #JustRevealed

-> Fight followed by comedy scenes

-> Rayya Rayya song with Hamsa Nandini

-> High Tense scene. And twist revealed

-> All villains meet up. Movie heading towards climax.

-> Climax Fight

-> As usually Happy Ending... THE END

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