Sukumar sentiment for '1' Nenokkadine!

By - October 26, 2013 - 06:45 AM IST

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Cinema Industry and sentiments go hand in hand. Vamshi Padipally prefers a long name that is his style. Mahesh Babu ensures that the title has only three letters, which is his sentiment. Gopichand goes for a title that has a zero in it, while Raghavendra Rao likes to involve fruits and flowers. Every film celebrity has their own sentiment.

Similarly, Sukumar also has a sentiment.  Want to know what it is? It is the eyeglass sentiment. In Arya 2 and 100% Love movies, he made the heroes put on thick eyeglasses. Do you remember the looks of Allu Arjun and Naga Chaitanya? They both put on vintage thick eyeglasses. Now Sukumar is following the same sentiment for 1-Nenokkadine.

The stills of ‘1’-Nenokkadine in which Mahesh Babu will be seen in glasses are making hulchul all over the internet. It is told that Mahesh will appear in these vintage eyeglasses for half of the movie. Looks like Sukumar has a terrible sentiment. How will the fans feel to see glamorous Mahesh Babu in such vintage eyeglasses? What will be the comments from Mahesh fans…?