Khaidi Completes 30 Years!!

By - October 28, 2013 - 08:25 AM IST

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Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi completes 30 years today. The film is not only a major breakthrough for Chiranjeevi as an actor, but also earned him the “Angry Young Man” image.  Khaidi became a trendsetter in Telugu Cinema which turned things around for Action genre films and the way a hero is portrayed.  It also earned Chiranjeevi an amazing fan base for years to come. On the eve of the film completing thirty years, here are some of the interesting facts about the film:

  • The film strengthened one of the super hit on screen pairs in Telugu Cinema- Chiranjeevi and Madhavi. Their excellent chemistry and the song Ragulothondhi Mogali Podha became an all-time hit.

  • The filming of Khaidi began in Prasad Labs, on 10th May 1983 and the first shot was taken between Chiranjeevi and Madhavi.

  • The basic plot for the film began with presenter Tirupathi Reddy liking the popular Hollywood film First Blood featuring Sylvester Stallone as Rambo. He asked dialogue writers Paruchuri Brothers to design a story based on a similar content and that is how Khaidi came into existence.

  • The typical “Khaidi” get up in which Chiranjeevi is seen in the film was done by him. When he was getting ready for the crucial police station fight scene, he spontaneously tied a black head band and when he appeared with the angry look- the whole crew was entirely convinced of the look.

  • The remuneration for Chiranjeevi in the film was Rs.1,75,000.00, Madhavi Rs.40,000.00 and Sumalatha Rs.20,000.00 respectively. The director Kodandarami Reddy got Rs.40,000.00. The film was made on high production values and could not gain much profit initially, but the film tremendously grew on the audience as time went by.

  • From Khaidi, Chiranjeevi- Lok Singh (Cinematographer) – Kodandarami Reddy combination rocked the Telugu land, with a series of hit films throughout the 80s decade such as Abhilasha, Challenge, Vijetha, Rakshasudu, Pasivadi Pranam, Donga Mogudu to name some of them.