The Cyber Film Makers - Subash & Dheeraj

By - October 28, 2013 - 06:54 AM IST

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Short Films Short Films Short Films …!! This has been the Fever & Virus among everyone and especially Youth!!  We are positive that you heard this word over and over again from your friends, neighbors etc. isn’t? That tells you the story that the competition in this arena is intense because every Tom, Dick & Harry made Short Films if they had a videocam, SLR or a 5D SLR camera to showcase their skills or monetize their videos on YouTube (The Golden Blessing of Google Ad Sense).
In this fierce thick stream, 2 friends Dheeraj & Subhash created their own trademark with MR Productions and have produced 102 films as of today, which is a significant achievement.  The best part is they exactly knew their target audience and stuck to their genre (Love Stories) and cultivated their own audience.  In a nutshell, these youngsters are the Sekhar Kammula’s of the Cyber World and candidly this is not an over exaggeration!!

Most recently their upcoming short film ‘Possessiveness  has been screened at Annapurna Studios. Having known about Subash’s passion and ability to convey new ideas in short films, many celebrities from Tollywood have walked down to this event. 

For this brilliant attempt by Subash Chandra, iQlik Movies has come forward to be their promotional partner to appreciate the efforts. We wish the young director duo, many accolades, awards and a triumphant learning experience in the future.

All the best MR Productions !!