It is Think Time for Nag!

By - November 01, 2013 - 07:41 AM IST

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When was the last time King Nag had a home run? We will refresh your memory it was in 2010 that was with Srinu Vaitla’s King.  Ever since he is doing, a Tendulkar thing, but Sachin got to his 100th century with at least Bangladesh but one has to realize that there is NO Bangladesh in Cinema Industry. Our charming Hero is still completely shooting in the dark. Do you think it is time for Mr. Nag to do some soul-searching?

Mafia Ki Grammar Nerpindi Nene…Glamour Techindi Nene” this is what Nagarjuna said in Bhai. Absolutely dead on with the second part!! Glamour has been his C/0 address and mantra for a long time. He stands first and is unanimously No#1 when it comes to finding & encouraging new talent. However, the same strength seems to be backfiring one after the other.

What is his situation now? A trendsetter like Nag is following the trend set by others. Very True!!  This is obvious to everyone who watched Bhai. His ardent fans who shouldered the movie like Kedi are saying, “It is high time Annayya should stop doing such roles...”  Along with the fans, millions of people who love this handsome are on the same page. He should step back, reevaluate his career and come up with a damage control program.

Nag once said, “My dad might retire, Chaitanya might retire but I will go on…” This is how much he loves Cinema. Who can object this and everyone loves to see him on the BIG screen for a long time? Nevertheless, the million dollar question is what should he do going forward?

Let us take Big B. He is not singing duets. Neither is he telling punch dialogues nor he is anxious to shake his legs. However, our stars even at the age of 50 are still trying to grow as mass heroes. This is where they are landing in a soup (Hung up with last generation!). With Nag currently at 54, would it not be appropriate for Nag to choose roles that best fit him? Who would not love to see one more Annamayya or doing a Sarkar like BIG B with his sons? Oh Yeah … You are damn right! People would love him.

How did a BIG FISH like Nag fall for Veerabhadram's bait? Anyway, Nagarjuna should come out of this intoxication. Although Gaganam and Rajanna did not do well at the box-office, no one attempted to point fingers at Nagarjuna’s efforts. Who can say NO to Nag? Who would object if he wants to act as a brother or a Dada? If he shares the screen with other heroes, how much mileage will that movie get? Will it not inspire the directors to write new stories…?

These are testing times for Nag. Both the fact and fiction are in front of him, it is his decision. All those who worked with him say, “Nag thinks 10 years ahead of everyone”. If he thinks the same in his case, his career will blossom for another 10 years.  Will Nag do this adventure…? If so, we will get the opportunity, to see the real King on screen. Let’s all hope that day is not far off!!