Happy Birthday Universal Hero Kamal Hassan

By - November 07, 2013 - 12:02 PM IST

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Kamal Hassan- The name itself speaks of versatility, style, amazing histrionics and multifaceted nature. By saying multifaceted, Kamal Hassan is not somebody who just does it for casual sake. He does anything with so much perfection that it becomes a trendsetter! Let it be character selection, dialogue delivery, Singing, Directing, Dancing- this man can do anything with amazing perfection!

Kamal began his acting career as a child artist during the 60s in Tamil Cinema.  However, it was the veteran director K.Balachander who identified the tremendous versatility in the actor and casted him for a womanizer role in Manmadha Leelai which was dubbed in Telugu as Manmadha Leela. The film enthralled Telugu Audience and everybody started looking for this sober actor who created new acting waves in Cinema. He also appeared in a pivotal role is another Balachander’s film Idhi Kadha Kaadhu with Jayasudha in the lead. He was casted in Vayasu Pilichindhi a multi starrer film which became a great musical hit.   Kamal became a favourite of Balachander, where he was taken again for Andamaina Anubhavam which had Superstar Rajnikanth as well.  The song Kurralloy Kurrallu rocked the South Indian lands. It was Bharatiraja another ace director of Tamil Cinema who casted Kamal Hassan in an unconventional role of a physically challenged villager earning him many accolades. The big breakthrough for Kamal Hassan in Telugu was undoubtedly the cross cultural love story Maro Charitra. He played the role of a Tamil Brahmin who falls in love with a Telugu Girl and the scene where he talks all slangs of Andhra Pradesh is another highlight of the film.  Singeetham Srinivasa Rao was another director who took Kamal Hassan for a role of Blind Violin player for Amavasya Chandrudu and the audience was sure about the brilliant acting talent Kamal has by then.

However, the biggest milestone for Kamal Hassan as an actor and his complete acting potential along with dancing skills were made best use in K.Vishwanath’s Sagara Sangamam. The role of Balu, an ill fated classical dancer and a failure in Love could have been performed at magnum opus only by Kamal.  His screen presence with Jayaprada spoke wonders and the film still remains to be very close to every Telugu person’s heart.  Kamal Hassan appeared as a kind hearted mentally challenged person in Swati Muthyam directed by K.Vishwanath and this film took Telugu Audience to a new emotional toll. The innocent dance of Kamal Hassan in Suvvi Suvvi still remains to be one of the most influential visuals in Telugu Cinema.  

Kamal Hassan never confined to one sort of roles or one style of genre in films. He even acted in Pushpaka Vimanam- a film sans dialogues and acted as an old aged Evil Mayor in Suresh Krishna’s Indrudu Chandrudu. His association with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao created amazing entertainment with films like Vichitra Sodarulu, Michael Madana Kama Raju- which are out and out comedy entertainers.  Mani Ratnam took Kamal in the Godfather styled film Nayakudu which became a pinnacle of Kamal’s acting skills. His acting marathon continued in the 90s-2000s as well with films like Mahanadi, Drohi, Bhamane SatyabhamaneNavvandi Lavvandi, Panchatantram, Satyame Shivam, Raghavan and so on. But it was Dasavataram which showcased Kamal Hassan in ten different roles and it was like a visual treat for the audience.  His Vishwaroopam became a new definition to film making in South India and he is gearing up for a sequel of it as well.

Kamal in personal life is a very straightforward in heart. His zeal for perfection in every frame is exemplary for every budding actor. For people who believe in norms like a person cannot be perfect in multifaceted nature, Kamal proved them terribly wrong. Even as he ages gracefully, he always thinks of new methods and stories of how to enthrall the audience and make them entertained.  IQlikMovies.com wishes the fantastic actor- Our Lokanayakudu Kamal Hassan a very happy birthday and a creative year ahead!

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