Tamannah out of Aagadu?

By - November 12, 2013 - 06:43 AM IST

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Milky beauty Tamannah is going through tough times. Himmatwala was supposed to give her a strong foothold in Bollywood, but it turned out to be a colossal disaster. With a series of failures, the once most wanted lady is finding it difficult even in Tollywood. She got labeled as an iron lady and the only big opportunity also might slip out of her hands. Yes, we are talking about the film Aagadu starring Mahesh Babu. Tamannah was selected as the lead lady for this Mahesh Babu-Srinu Vaitla venture, but unfortunately her place in the movie seems to be in a dilemma.

The movie unit is scared to go with Tammu and is in search of choosing an alternative opposite Mahesh. However, the makers have already given advance and also have the call sheet dates finalized tentatively. At this stage, it will be a big loss to the producers if they put Tamannah aside. Nevertheless, the movie unit is reluctant to continue with Tammu and is desperately looking for a new lead by the time the movie starts.

If unable to find one, they might go ahead with Tammu. Whatever it might be this is a 50-50 chance for the milky beauty. This Mahalakshmi who rose to fame with 100% love has fallen down to 50%. Isn’t it surprising! This is what we call destiny.

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