Prathinidhi Audio Review

By - November 19, 2013 - 03:59 PM IST

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Prathinidhi is an upcoming political film starring Nara Rohit in the lead. The music for the film is composed by Sai Karthik. Here is IQlik’s exclusive music review for the album:

The album begins with Vandemataram an inspiring track with high levels of patriotism.  In the midst of great lyrics by B. Subbaraya Sharma, Akhilesh Reddy and wonderful singing by Dhanunjay, the song has the much needed energy and it delivers the best.  However, the song has the traces of Vandemataram from Leader and Desam Manade from Jai. Nevertheless, the track makes an impact on the listener.

The brilliant vigor continues with Maa Maata sung by Karthikeyan and lyrics by B. Subbaraya Sharma. The song has great aggression and power packed rhythm section enabling it to elevate the album to a required level.

After a power packed beginning with first two tracks, the album gets laid back with a feel good melody Chupullo Paravasam sung by Rahul Nambiar. Despite the melodic nature, the song carries trance like percussions.  The string section is strong making it a fun hearing.

The album retains the energy with Nee Teguvaki with a hard rock styled prelude and a kick start.  Sung by the ever energetic Ranjith, the song is strong in lyrical department penned by B. Subbaraya Sharma. Ranjith delivers his best for this title track.

After an effervescent title track the album takes an unexpected turn with Vaishnava Janatho rehashed in a unique style and use of nadaswaram gives it a great feel.  Sung by Baby Thillu is an unpretentious manner and Siddarth’s supporting vocals are one of the main assets for this track.

Prathinidhi Theme 1 begins with impactful dialogues by Nara Rohith himself but lasts for a very less duration.

Prathinidhi Theme 2 follows the same path as the previous track but the dialogues rendered by Nara Rohith gives the listener a feel of how the film is going to be.

Prathinidhi is a feel good album from Sai Karthik which doesn’t confine itself from that factor alone. It makes the listener think through great lyrics and takes the listener to various streams of emotions relating to current state of India and the feeling of patriotism.