I Believe in Script: Anushka

By - November 21, 2013 - 04:03 PM IST

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Anushka Shetty is currently in top form. Our filmmakers are putting and are ready to invest millions on her and all the dream projects are landing at the door steps of Anushka. Baahubali, Rudramadevi, Varna…. Which one flick among this is a low budget one? Rudramadevi and Varna are completely Female-Oriented and the sole reason for this is Arundhati. How much ever we invest on this lady, we can expect double the returns opine the filmmakers now. With Varna and Rudramadevi, Anushka is presently the 50 crores queen of South India.  Among these two films, Varna is light screens on Friday and here is an exclusive interview with Anushka.

What can viewers expect from ‘Varna’?
This film will definitely surprise you. Probably, South movie buffs have never watched this kind of film and it will give a fresh feel for the audience and I can guarantee you on this.

You might have never worked on this kind of films, right…?
Yes, absolutely… I will be seen playing two roles in this film, as a doctor and as a tribal girl. The second character is very important for the film and hell lot of efforts have been put. Now when I watch the output on screen, everything seemed like all my hard work has been paid-off.

Did you show variations in both characters?
Starting with my slang I speak to walking style, you will observe lot of variations in me. But the entire credit should go my director Selva Raghava. He demonstrates every scene very carefully and if you follow his instructions, the scene will work wonderfully on the screen. I did the same.

Did you face any troubles working in Blue-mat?
To imagine something which is really absent is quite-a-bit difficult task but I got used to it. The special effects team was on the shooting sets while filming for such sequences. Their instructions and suggestions helped me a lot.

You worked in extreme conditions for this film.  Can you share those bitter experiences?
We shot 90 days schedule in Jordan. This is the most vital part of the film and the location we were shooting had no basic facilities like bathroom. It was a deserted place with limited population. Just imagine how difficult it was to shoot there for 90 continuous days? It was a horrible experience!

Did you think of leaving the shoot then?
No. Not at all! My team was well prepared for it and we flew expecting the same conditions. Whatever it might, we’ve decided to go ahead with the shooting and that is the reason behind such brilliant visuals.

You being the No.1 heroine, what is the need in putting so much of efforts?
Wait…. Me no. 1 heroine… sorry I don’t believe in number game. A perfect performance-oriented role came my way; I accepted it and did justice to the opportunity that knocked my door.

So you must be getting paid pocket full?
I have never troubled any producer in terms of remuneration in my filmy career so far. And I won’t work for free as well. But I will charge according to my efforts laid on the project and most importantly, I value work than money.

Tell us about ‘Baahubali’?
It’s a dream for any actress in work in such genres. Baahubali, Rudramadevi and Varna, all these films are completely different from each other. This is second film with director SS Rajamouli. He is a thorough professional and it is my third film with Prabhas. I have already worked with Rajamouli’s team and the atmosphere on the sets is very good. I’m so happy and proud to be part of the prestigious projects.

“Anushka is 50 crores heroines now”… your comments?
[Laughs] The makers firstly believe in the script and then they pick me in their films. This is true and even I blindly trust a strong story rather than remuneration and budget.

You are a good speaker of Telugu. Any plans to dub?
It’s in the cards. I have tried for Varna but unfortunately it did not happen. Now I’m ready to dub for Baahubali or Rudramadevi and hope my directors will accept me.

So, when is Anushka entering into wedlock?
Everybody is asking me the same question. Currently, I’m busy with my work and haven’t thought of it. I will surely let to media at the right time.

Future Projects:
I haven’t signed any project so far. Firstly I should complete Rudramadevi and then will give nod for a new project.