I wouldn't act opposite older heroes- Nitya Menon

By - November 25, 2013 - 02:02 PM IST

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Nitya Menon’s style is always different. She never believes in getting hold of opportunities in less time. She doesn’t believe that an actress shouldn’t be confined to glamorous roles. NItya doesn’t know how to speak just for the sake of artificial satisfaction. She even created a sensation by asking who Prabhas is. Being an actress in film industry, she gave a shocking statement saying she doesn’t watch films at all. So what? Everybody likes Nitya! With her girl next door looks, good acting skills- Nitya remind the viewers of Soundarya. Her journey began with Ala Modalaindhi and has been going quite well since then. She feels the number of films is not important, but the good name earned with them is more important. Now she is coming up with Malini 22 in front of Telugu Audience. On that occasion, here is an exclusive chit chat with the actress:

In a span of four years, you acted in very few films- is there any reason behind that?
I never took film career in professional sense. I like acting- that’s it! If I consider it as a job, I would think only about the earnings and I don’t like that. I would wait until I get a role liked by me. If I get it, I do. Otherwise the wait continues.

You never got a role which impressed you till date?
That’s the meaning of my answer. Where is value for a female lead in current era? I cannot act in regular roles which confine only for few songs and some scenes. That is why I couldn’t accept every offer which I got till now.

What is your most liked aspect about Malini 22?
This film is directed by Sripriya. I am feeling very proud to act under a female director. Sripriya is a great actress and she also knows how to get the best out of an actress. This story is exceptionally good. That is why I couldn’t stop myself agreeing for it.

Are you acting in a dual role for this film?
I cannot reveal about it now. But one thing is true. I will be seen in two different get ups for this film. I had to show two different body languages for it. Hairdo, expressions and dialogue delivery- everything is totally different. Whether it is dual role or not- one has to wait and see on the silver screen!

You worked prominently with women directors. What is the advantage working with them?
There will be increased rapport. Women are sensitive at heart. I can easily follow them. But on set- there is no difference between man and a woman. No matter whoever is the director, ultimately I should understand the role well.

Are you the hero for your films?
I don’t know! However, I seem to get such roles more. As I already said, I keep myself away from regular films. I cannot go behind hero and sing songs in a park. If at all I get such roles,  I would accept only if I have high confidence on the story.

Are you not getting roles catering to your taste in Telugu?
The atmosphere in Tollywood is somewhat different. Here Commercial stories are on the front seat. I am not getting roles suiting to my taste. But whenever I get, I have been doing isn’t it? An actress shouldn’t have language barriers and I don’t have it either. Wherever I get a good script I will stick to it!

Heard that you rejected to act opposite one particular Tollywood hero?
I don’t have anything to hide here. I cannot act opposite heroes who are older than me. I got many such opportunities. When I watch myself on big screen, I shouldn’t find any sort of repulsiveness. I shouldn’t question myself as why I accepted this role. For a film, story along with chemistry between lead actors is highly crucial. The lead pair shouldn’t look odd on the big screen- isn’t it?

Chances of making into Bollywood?
No... That atmosphere doesn’t suit me. I never had an idea to act in more films and earn more. I will act with people whom I find good. That’s all.

Okay...All the best!
Thank you.

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