Top actor involved in Money laundering?

By - November 25, 2013 - 06:25 PM IST

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A Popular Telugu News Channel today telecasted a special program on conversion of black money to white (Money Laundering and Hawaala).  In a sting operation done on a Hyderabad-based Hawaala party, many big names from all domains were mentioned by a concerned person from the foul group (Black Magic party).

In a telephone conversation between both the parties (Media person and a person from Black Magic party), many big names were cited by the gang. Not just few political names but the Hawaala group also mentioned a top league actor from film industry. The Black magic agent said, “We do make conversions for many top actors and politicians. We have almost converted whopping 100Crore rupees to white for a renowned south-Indian actor.”

The top league hero in question is none other than Suriya Sarathkumar. According to the gang, Surya converts black to white very heavily. He regularly does big transactions and offer high commission rates for the work to be done. They also mentioned that the actor’s personal assistant and his sister will deal his financial affairs.

Official investigation will reveal whether the concerned gang is just using big names for promoting themselves or if the high-profiled persons like Surya are really involved.  If this turns true, Suriya’s filmy career will move on to a knife-edge. The ‘Black Magic’ party have also revealed about several companies across the World under this illegitimate activity.

Guys, don’t square with these rumors until an official clarification from the actor.