Udaya Bhanu Tantrums - Stardom takes to her head!

By - November 25, 2013 - 06:16 AM IST

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Udaya Bhanu dazzled as an anchor in the past. Although slowed down, she is still ruling the small screen with intermittent appearances on the silver screen. Bhanu got comfortable in glamor roles with her oomph factor, while anchors like Suma and Jhansi got limited to traditional roles. In Leader and Julayi, Bhanu raised the temperatures with her item song and is now playing a very crucial role in the movie Madhumati. Udaya Bhanu not only adds glamor to the movie but also increases its market value and as such, the makers have provided her all the facilities needed for a star.

However, it turns out that she is making life difficult for everyone on the sets with her tantrums. It is told; she never arrives on time for shooting and even absconded a song filming citing subpar remuneration! Moreover, she did not attend the audio release function of Madhumati. When asked for a reason – Bhanu said, “First give me my remuneration, then I will attend”.  The producers are fuming over Udaya Bhanu and have decided to deal with her in the film chamber.

Can the elders in the film chamber straighten her? Will they make her realise? It will be a while before we get answers to these questions.