I liked the sincerity in Pawan Kalyan- Rakul Preet Singh

By - November 26, 2013 - 01:49 PM IST

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Telugu Film Industry has huge room of opportunities. No matter how many new heroines come, there is always scope for new entries. The industry welcomes everyone with open arms. While heroes need solid base for launch, it is not needed for heroines. If they have good looks and acting skills, they can be comfortable in the industry. This is why heroines from other states are finding fortune in Telugu Films. Punjabi girl Rakul Preet Singh also falls under this category. This Miss India title winner is currently doing a series of films in Telugu. She acted opposite Sudeep Kishan in Venkatadri Express and the film is due for release this Friday. She is even acting opposite Aadhi in the film Rough. Rakul is acting in Tamil Cinema as well. Here is an exclusive chit chat with the actress:

Hi Rakul..

How do you like Telugu Film Industry?
Cool! I like the environment here a lot. I found a particular liking for Hyderabad. The culture, traditions, and value for people is something really admirable.

You are from Punjab, but you seem to speak Telugu very well!
Though I hail from Punjab, my dad’s work made me explore entire India. As a result, I am familiar with almost all Indian languages. I already did two films in Telugu. How can I not learn the language? If I hear people speak in Telugu I can easily make out and I can also talk. However, I need to improve in the clarity part. If I do two more films, I can fluently speak Telugu.

What does your Dad do?
He is an Army Officer.

Then you must be having a disciplined environment in home...
Not exactly! My dad used to give lot of freedom at home. He always used to tell me to do what I like. After my intermediate, I entered into modeling. Then I could get Miss India title. During those days my Dad used to give me Rs.3000/- as pocket money per month. I got an offer to act in a Kannada film then. I couldn’t say no knowing about their remuneration offer. The amount is less though.  But during those days for the position I am in, it was a great opportunity. That was why I made my parents agree for it and acted in it. The film was Gilly and it was a big hit. In that way for the debut film I got good name.

Your current projects?
Venkatadri Express in Telugu is due for release. Rough also is almost nearing completion. I really liked Ala Modalaindhi in Telugu and I am glad to have got an opportunity to act in the Tamil remake of it. These three films are going to be released in each coming months. This is a good start for my career.

Tell us about your character in Venkatadri Express..
True to the name, the film goes on a racy speed. The story happens on a span of one night. It begins in Kachiguda station and my character’s name in the film is Prarthana. When I heard the story narration I found it very interesting. That was why I didn’t hesitate even one moment to accept it. I am sure my trust in the subject would be proved right.

How did you find working with your co-star Sundeep Kishan?
He is a hard worker. I really liked his dedication. He always does something or other and supported me very well. Coming to the cameraman Chota K.Naidu, he showed me really well in the film. The energy given by him in the sets used to help everyone. He gave some valuable suggestions to me as well.

There were many heroines who made an entry in the industry. But not many could manage to stay long. What about you?
I came here to act. I would work until directors and producers have confidence in me. Whether I should stay here or not – it would depend on them. Only working hard is in my hands.

What sort of characters do you like to adorn?
I like to work and prefer having a project in hand every time. That’s it.

Do you have dream roles in mind?
Not now, but after few years I would like to act in a role like Rani Mukherji’s in Black or Priyanka Chopra in Fashion. If I get such roles, I would never leave. I would take it as a challenge and act.

Your favorite actresses?
Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone.

What about Heroes?
One and only Pawan Kalyan.

I asked about Pawan Kalyan to many people. Everybody told only one thing that he is a very sincere person. It is very rare to hear well about a person that too in current era. I genuinely felt he is a sincere person and that is why I like him. I hope to meet him once!

Okay..All the best!
Thank you..